Red Queen’s Short Story Collection Is Already Giving Us Major Emotions

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Pssst… hey, RED QUEEN fans. Scarlet Guard. Are y’all listening? Are y’all READY? Because we’ve got some exciting news for you today! As you know, the main RED QUEEN series storyline ended with WAR STORM earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the world … Read More

How Would You Rank Your All-Time Favorite Red Queen Moments?

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Okay, ready Scarlet Guard? Deep breaths. We’re gonna take a look back at some of our all time favorite RED QUEEN moments! AND DON’T SCROLL DOWN IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED, BECAUSE THIS POST IS FULL OF SPOILERS! Now that the RED QUEEN series has … Read More

Get Your First Look at the Glittering Glass Sword Collector’s Edition!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Red Queen Series

Is the RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION still the prettiest book on your shelf? Well, it’s about to have some major competition, because the GLASS SWORD COLLECTOR’S EDITION is hitting shelves in October! And not to be dramatic, but we would die for … Read More

Let’s Talk Spoilers! Did This Red Queen Character Really Die in War Storm?

Red Queen Series

One of the best (and worst, we guess, depending on who you are as a person…) things about being deep into a fandom is all the conspiracy theories that come to light. So, it’s time to debate a question about … Read More

These Hilarious War Storm Reactions Will Comfort You After the Epic Conclusion

Book Nerds Unite, Red Queen Series

Now that some time has passed since WAR STORM hit shelves, we figured we’d check in on how the Scarlet Guard is reacting to the RED QUEEN finale. We know that here, we’ve been freaking out pretty heavily. All the action. The drama. … Read More

Which Red Queen Character Are You?

Quizzes, Red Queen Series

We hope you’re ready to Rise With The Dawn one last time, Scarlet Guard, because WAR STORM is finally here! That’s right, you can now read the final book in the Red Queen series and we have SO MANY EMOTIONS … Read More

Red Queen Bookmojis Are Finally Here!

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You’ve downloaded our Bookmojis by now, right? We hope so, because we have our first new update pack for you—and it’s RED QUEEN themed! If you haven’t heard, we launched the Epic Reads Bookmoji Keyboard with lots of emojis, gifs, and stickers to use in … Read More

Maven’s Most Messed-Up Moments From the Entire Red Queen Series

Fun Stuff, Lists!, Red Queen Series

ICYMI, WAR STORM will have five narrators: Mare, Evangeline, Iris, Cal… and Maven! As if we weren’t already freaking out about the RED QUEEN SERIES finale, now we have to prepare ourselves to enter the mind of one of the most emotionally … Read More

Brutal, Heartbreaking, and Epic: The War Storm Trailer is Finally Here

Red Queen Series, Videos

We did it, Scarlet Guard. We actually did it. We finally made it to May, AKA the month that WAR STORM, the final RED QUEEN book, goes on sale. How did we get here?! Now, you’ve read the excerpt, you’ve decoded the scene, … Read More

Need a Red Queen Recap? Relive the Electrifying Action With Team Epic Reads!

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Okay Scarlet Guard, we’re officially in the home stretch! WAR STORM is only a couple weeks away, but are you 100% prepared for the RED QUEEN series finale? Did that WAR STORM excerpt reveal make you want to reread the whole series?! We highly … Read More

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