What Would Your Superpower Be in the Shatter Me Universe?

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

We hope you’re ready for a revolution, because the brutally quick pace of the SHATTER ME series will leave you with barely enough time to get a handle on the powers before you’re forced to use them. But don’t worry too much—there’s … Read More

We Are Living For These Hilarious Fan Reactions to Restore Me

Shatter Me Series

After months and months of waiting—from the book announcement that there would be three additional books in the Shatter Me series to the gorgeous cover and excerpt reveal to the truly mesmerizing trailer—it finally arrived and let’s just say that the … Read More

Only a True Shatter Me Fan Can Score 8/10 on This Quiz

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

All of our book nerd dreams have been answered because we finally have a new book in the Shatter Me series!! RESTORE ME is now out in the world and it is an absolutely beautiful additional to our shelves! We … Read More

The 16 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in March

Coming Soon, Featured, Lists!, Shatter Me Series

Everything is coming up green in March. No, not green books per say, BUT a lot of green is about to disappear from our wallets! From magical new worlds to emotional new narratives to new additions to favorite series, we … Read More

Need a Shatter Me Refresher? Watch Team Epic Reads Recap the Series!

Series Recaps, Shatter Me Series, Videos

Are you ridiculously excited to return to the world of the Shatter Me series in RESTORE ME?! Are you also panicking a little bit because you can’t remember everything that happened in the first 3 books? Don’t worry, Team Epic … Read More

The Restore Me Trailer is Finally Here, and You Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Featured, Shatter Me Series, Sneak Peeks, Videos

It’s a great day to be a SHATTER ME series fan, and if you haven’t checked out these books yet, you’ll definitely want to join in on the fun after watching the trailer for RESTORE ME (no spoilers, we promise)! Reminder: … Read More

This Designer Created a Stunning Shatter Me Look For The Epic Costume Challenge

Fun Stuff, Shatter Me Series, Videos

Do you love YA novels, cosplay, and/or Project Runway? Well if you’re reading this you must have checked yes to one of those, so you’ll definitely love our new Costume Challenge video series!! We here at Epic Reads asked four … Read More

Here Are All the Dates for the Restore Me Tour!

Shatter Me Series

Today isn’t just any Tuesday. Not at all. Why, you ask? Because the SHATTER ME hardcover edition is on sale today!!! *endless book shimmies* And what’s the best way to celebrate the occasion? Well, going to the store and picking … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need to Read Shatter Me

Featured, Shatter Me Series

If you don’t already know (um, where have you been??) there’s a new SHATTER ME book coming out. Not just one book actually, Tahereh Mafi has a whole trilogy of new books planned!! *unintelligible high-pitched noises* If you can’t tell, we’re … Read More

Can You Guess Who Said These Iconic Shatter Me Quotes?

Quizzes, Shatter Me Series

Welcome back to the world of Tahereh Mafi’s SHATTER ME series! If you’ve read these books, you know that Shatter Me quotes are among the most passionate, powerful, and steamiest in YA. If not, boy, do we have good new for you. … Read More


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