Read the First 2 Chapters of Contagion

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Y’all already KNOW the golden age of YA sci-fi is continuing! And what do you get when you combine a pulse-pounding, out of this world thriller with the undead? Well, you get CONTAGION by Erin Bowman! It’s the first book in … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Heretics Anonymous

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First off, are you as entertained by the HERETICS ANONYMOUS cover as we are?! Okay, cool, now that that’s settled, let us tell you a little story. It’s about five unlikely friends and all-around misfits who band together with the hopes of … Read More

Get Your Exclusive First Look at A Thousand Beginnings and Endings

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What’s better than a YA retelling? How about fifteen of them in one book?! Thanks to A THOUSAND BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS, that fantasy is now a reality 😍 You might know them as authors or all-star members of We Need Diverse Books, but either … Read More

Fugitive Six: Watch the Chilling Trailer and Read the First 2 Chapters Now!

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If you cannot wait until the next Marvel movie, then it’s time to check out the I Am Number Four spin-off series! ICYMI, a new trilogy from Pittacus Lore began with GENERATION ONE, where six superpowered teens are sent to … Read More

Read an Exclusive Excerpt of My Plain Jane!

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Get ready for all the LOLs this summer, because the authors of MY LADY JANE are back with another fantastic, romantic, and entirely (un)faithful retelling that we’re totally thinking of as Ghostbusters meets Victorian England! And yes, it does sound like the … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Always Forever Maybe

Epic Reads Exclusives, Sneak Peeks

A love so sweet, it feels like a sugar rush. But everything that soars so high must crash down eventually… right? Get ready for a romance so electrically written, so compulsively devourable, that you won’t be able to look away even as … Read More

Start Reading Your Next Favorite Book With This Free Reading Roundup!

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Who doesn’t love free reading? We know book nerd’s temptation to impulse buy is a dangerous thing, especially when there are so many books that catch our eyes. But because we already struggle with prioritizing our TBRs, and we know it’s hard … Read More

Read the First 7 Chapters of Mariam Sharma Hits the Road

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Is there anything that screams summer quite like a road trip story? We don’t think so (shout out to the OG PAPER TOWNS—we definitely wanted to venture around finding small towns after that one). And we’re so excited to return to the … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of The Bird and the Blade!

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Get ready for an epic story of romance, tragedy, adventure, battles, riddles, deadly stakes… okay, we admit, the list goes on. This story is just INCREDIBLE. And today’s title has it all! THE BIRD AND THE BLADE is a historical fiction … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of Monday’s Not Coming

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How can a teenage girl vanish without anyone noticing she’s gone? That’s the question at the heart of MONDAY’S NOT COMING, the mesmerizing and haunting new read from from Tiffany D. Jackson—whose debut, ALLEGEDLY, left us with our jaws on the floor. … Read More

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