3 Magical YA Books to Add to Your #TBR


INTRODUCING NAYA READS AND SMILES! She is legit the happiest book tube bestie in the frickin’ world and we are SO here for it. Naya gives us butterflies. Naya gives us life. Naya is our GURL. Every month she’s going … Read More

Is It Against The Rules To Tweet Spoil?

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

OKAY so guys I just got to that CRAZY plot twist where he…… wait…. is it against the rules to tweet spoil? This is a serious question. I need to know. Share your wisdom with me. SORRY THAT I JUST … Read More

Watch Margot’s May 2017 Book Haul

Videos, What We're Reading

IT’S GONNA BE MAY. Hey Book Nerds! Margot’s back with another book haul! Spring reading is in the air and there are a lot of new books out in the last 30 days! We are pumped that it’s finally time … Read More

The Siren With Dolls!

Selection Series, Videos

Remember those famous, world renowned doll videos where we recap The Selection series by Kiera Cass with……yep…..dolls! Well they’re back and this time we’re headed ~under the sea~ as we recap THE SIREN with dolls! THE SIREN is Kiera Cass’ … Read More

When The Wrong Book Nerd Has The Right Name


Pretty much our lives just went from 😍🤤 to 😑😭. WHY! Let me set the scene for you. Have you ever thought “Omg I think I just found a cute – oh wait… nope. Nevermind.” Well. We certainly have. Take a look … Read More

May 2017 Real Talk: American Street and All American Boys

Real Talk, Videos

HEYO. Welcome back to real-talk-landia, where we are committed to keepin’ it 100 at all times. This month Natalie is bringing you #RealTalk about two hugely impactful books-American Street by Ibi Zoboi, and All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely! Natalie … Read More

That Feeling When The Book Of Your Dreams Is Sold Out

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

What’s a book nerd’s worst nightmare you ask? The book of their dreams being sold out literally everywhere! It seems like every time we think there’s going to be one copy left, there’s….just…..not. Why is life so unfair?! If you … Read More

YA Authors Share Their Worst Book Reviews


Whether it’s getting a one star Goodreads rating from your mother-in-law or receiving an 11-paragraph letter about why your book totally sucks, criticism is never super fun. But sometimes you gotta learn to laugh at yourself… right? Well these YA … Read More

Distracted Book Nerds Unite!

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Do you often find yourself turning the page to a wonderful YA and then suddenly thinking… “I wonder what they’re reading?” OR “does this shirt look better on her?!” OR “awwww what an adorable baby!” OR “is that a scone? … Read More

Decorating With Books Makes Every Space Look Better

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

The only thing better than reading books is reading books and then decorating with books. #AmIRight? seriously, what could possibly be more satisfying than walking into a home decorated exclusively with books! NOTHING THAT’S WHAT. There are so many options … Read More

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