Book Nerd Problems: When You Have A Power Outage

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Book Gods said “let there be light” and there wasn’t but I damn well still did everything I could to finish reading my book.   And in the spirit of hauntingly creepy power outages, we have a very special book … Read More

Watch Our August Book Haul!

Videos, What We're Reading

OMG how is it August already? New month means new books so you know what that means…it’s time for another Epic Book Haul! Check out what Margot from Team Epic Reads read this month, find out what book caught her … Read More

The Crown With Dolls!

Selection Series, Videos

This is it, Selectioners—the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The dolls are back and ready to recap THE CROWN, the conclusion to The Selection series by Kiera Cass! Will Eadlyn finally find her happily ever after just like America … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Matching Flowers To Books


Look, the truth is, we all need books to match our flowers. If you haven’t spent hours at the flower shop with hundreds of books all I have to say is… WHAT IS U DOIN’?!?! Matching books to flowers, matching … Read More

When Your Book Is Better Than The Real World


Yeah, nature’s alright, I guess, but there’s a whole world going on in my book right now, so…. Book Nerd Problems: Book Vs. Real Life Featured Book: Shadowcaster by Cinda Williams Chima   SHADOWCASTER Yep! Go ahead and binge read Flamecaster now … Read More

Watch Regan’s I See London Inspired Clothing Haul

Fun Stuff, Videos

Regan just combined our two favorite things… books and clothing…. CLOTHING AND BOOKS! We are so excited to share Regan’s video, inspired by I See London, I See France! In this video you’ll get all the details on the Epic Reads/ … Read More

How Do You Make Room In Your Budget For Books?

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Budgeting is hard. Budgeting to fit in every single new book of the season is even harder. RIGHT?! Who’s with me?! I mean seriously, there’s gotta be an app for this. But alas, I make it work. Whether I am … Read More

June 2017 YA Book Adaptation Updates


JessetheReader is back with another Epic Adaptations!  He’s here to keep you up to date on all the book-to-screen news this month.  Watch the video to check out all the casting info on your favorite books turning into movies, all … Read More

Here Are 8 Books To Read After You Watch The Handmaid’s Tale

Lists!, Videos

So, you’ve finally re-emerged from your Hulu binge-watching cocoon.  Well, be prepared to crawl back in cause Margot’s here with 8 more books/series that will keep you there indefinitely.  Haha, jk.  Just like, another few months or so.  Definitely not … Read More

That Time You Were Too Book Nerdy To Party

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Party?  But, like, my book.  Hot guy?  But, this book though.  Cupcake?  *pause* But…book.  Why don’t people understand that books>>>> everything else. It’s part of being book nerdy! How can you expect me to do anything right now when there’s … Read More

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