Watch Our March Book Haul!


Guess who’s back with a brand new book haul? It’s Michael, from Team Epic Reads (who you may recognize as Michael BookLion)! It’s officially March, which means SPRING IS COMING!! Which also means we can start getting outside to read … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Finding the Last Copy in the Store

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Good luck getting between a book nerd and new releases. Seriously, have you ever seen one of us rush to the bookstore on a Tuesday? We need to make sure we get that-book-we’ve-been-counting-down-to as soon as it hits shelves, and … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: When Your Friend Preorders Without You

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Is there a betrayal bigger than the one committed by a book nerd on their most anticipated release date of the year?! Friends should always preorder books with friends! With so many amazing sequels coming up, our preorder lists are longer … Read More

Epic Adaptations: The Darkest Minds, The Sun Is Also a Star, & More!

Videos, YA Movie & TV News

It’s time for our next round of YA adaptations news with Jesse from the Booktube channel jessethereader! He’s here to give us the scoop on all the latest book-to-movie news—and honestly, #thankful. There’s SO MUCH HAPPENING and we’re so excited! Watch for everything … Read More

Need a Shatter Me Refresher? Watch Team Epic Reads Recap the Series!

Series Recaps, Shatter Me Series, Videos

Are you ridiculously excited to return to the world of the Shatter Me series in RESTORE ME?! Are you also panicking a little bit because you can’t remember everything that happened in the first 3 books? Don’t worry, Team Epic … Read More

We’re Obsessed With the Red Queen Look This Designer Created For Our Costume Challenge

Fun Stuff, Red Queen Series, Videos

Welcome to part two of the Epic Reads Costume Challenge video series, where we ask aspiring fashion designers to create outfits based on four amazing fantasy series! ICYMI, here’s the gorgeous look created for SHATTER ME—and things are about to … Read More

Watch Our February Book Haul!


It’s a new year, a new month—and a new member of Team Epic Reads taking on the mantle of the Epic Book Haul! Since our girl Margot stepped away to focus on her own writing and channel, we were so excited … Read More

The Restore Me Trailer is Finally Here, and You Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Featured, Shatter Me Series, Sneak Peeks, Videos

It’s a great day to be a SHATTER ME series fan, and if you haven’t checked out these books yet, you’ll definitely want to join in on the fun after watching the trailer for RESTORE ME (no spoilers, we promise)! Reminder: … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Calling Somebody by a Character’s Name

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Has a character ever felt so real to you that you’re honestly a little surprised when you realize they aren’t an actual person in your life? But it’s okay, because we have family and friends who are just as endearing … Read More

Epic Adaptations: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Maze Runner & More!

Videos, YA Movie & TV News

It’s time for the monthly recap of all the amazing YA book-to-movie news! Jesse from the Booktube channel jessethereader is back to give us the scoop on another episode of Epic Adaptations! Watch for the most up-to-date news on all your favorite adaptations, … Read More

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