We’re gathered here today for one reason, and one reason only—everyone reading this right now loves putting their bookish knowledge to the test. Whether it’s the storylines, the characters, or just the masterpieces that are YA book covers, we’re always ready for a new challenge. Becuase with all the time we spend browsing shops, reading books, and, let’s be real, just staring at our shelves, it’s fun to see just how much random info we’ve gathered!

Today, we’re turning our attention to the most colorful of all topics—the covers. We’ve taken a ton of books, turned them (or at least, parts), black and white, and we want to see just how well you can remember their original colors! Good luck, book nerds!


Can You Remember the Colors on These YA Book Covers?


How well did you do? Do you need to add to those shelves of yours? Tell us below!

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