Cover Design, Red Queen Series

Brace yourselves, Scarlet Guard, the cover for KING’S CAGE by Victoria Aveyard is finally here! Behold the cover in all its beautiful and majestic glory and then PREPARE. TO. FREAK. OUT. over that tagline!!

But first, here’s what you need to know about the book! In King’s Cage, the third book in the bestselling Red Queen series, Mare is forced to play a psychological cat-and-mouse game with an old and deadly enemy, where the stakes are not only the future of the Red Rebellion but the sanctity of her own mind.

Are you ready for the cover?


Cover Reveal: KING'S CAGE by Victoria Aveyard - on sale February 7, 2017


ALL WILL BURN. *hyperventilates*

Are those bones in the crown?! It’s so creepy but I love it!!

And that blue!!! Have you noticed these covers are getting darker? What dark and twisty things will Mare face in book 3?! LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THEY LOOK TOGETHER!

The wait until February 7th is going to be almost unbearable, so make sure you join the Scarlet Guard for sneak peeks and exclusives! In the meantime, you can pre-order!


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