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DIY: Make Your Own Ramona Blue Tote Bag!

Have you met RAMONA BLUE yet? Dumplin’ author Julie Murphy completely stole our hearts with this latest novel full of fresh characters, unforgettable one liners, and the ability to take us from laughter, to tears, to romantic sighs – all in just over 400 pages. In fact, we love this read so much, we made our very own DIY Ramona Blue inspired tote bag! Not only does this bag show off one of our very favorite messages from Ramona Blue, but it comes in super handy for those times when you walk into a store to buy one book, and walk out with twenty…#amiright?

Want a tote of your very own? Pick up the supplies and read on for details on how to create one! Then run to your local bookstore, purchase a copy of Ramona Blue (and maybe a few more books – we won’t judge!), and carry it home in this supa cute (and functional AF) new accessory.


Click on the image below to view it at a larger size!


How adorable are these?! When you make yours, make sure you take a pic and tag us  (@EpicReads) so we can see all the beautiful DIY-A goodness! Happy crafting Y’all.

How did your DIY bag turn out? Tell us in the comments below!  

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