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Good morning, class! Welcome to Dorothy Must Die: 101. Team Epic Reads’ master class on Danielle Paige’s highly anticipated reimagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Are you anxiously awaiting the release of Dorothy Must Die on April 1st? Want a sneak peek into the savage, dystopian land Oz has turned into under Dorothy’s rule? Then you’re in the right place. And we promise no homework.

Without further ado, here is your formal introduction into the world of Dorothy Must Die.



Someone Call the Fashion Police.

Dorothy’s going for a new look. She ditched her iconic slippers (ruby according to the movie, silver according to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and replaced them with six-inch, patent leather, red high heels. Oh, and that gingham jumper we all have stashed away in our closets from past Halloweens? Yeah, Dorothy replaced that humble outfit with a skin-tight, revealing gingham tube dress. Talk about a makeover.



PermaSmile is the New Botox.

Beauty Queens put Vaseline on their teeth to keep a constant smile; residents of Oz put PermaSmile on their lips to stretch their mouths into permanent grins. Dorothy’s order. Say cheese!



Check Your Sass at the Door.

Every ruler has their rules. Some of Dorothy’s ordnances include the “Happiness Decree” and Anti-Sass Laws. Don’t let her catch you in the act of sass, or you could be sentenced to an “official attitude adjustment,” where you would be hung upside down on a pole by your ankles for all to see.



We’re all on Dorothy’s time.

Put simply, Dorothy controls time in Oz. “The day’s as long as Dorothy wants it to be…Sometimes it’s ages before she remembers to turn the hands on the Great Clock and make it night again.”

Hope you weren’t trying to follow a daily routine!




Goth Munchkins Keep it Real.

If you’re waiting for the next Lollipop Guild performance, don’t hold your breath. The Munchkins of Oz are not pleased with the state of their land, and they’re rebelling the best way they know how—through ominous clothing choices.




Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Oz Anymore…

“Oz has changed. The trees don’t talk. The Pond of Truth Tells Lies, The Wandering Water stays put. The Land of Naught is on Fire.”

Forget the singing blue birds. Forget the Cowardly Lion, Kind-Hearted Tin Man, and Wacky Scarecrow. Forget everything you thought you knew about Oz. The next tornado is coming to take you away, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



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