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Forever 21 is Hosting The Thousandth Floor Book Launch in NYC

So pretty much last night was magical and we need to tell you about it. On August 30th, We partnered up with Forever 21 for Katharine McGee’s The Thousandth Floor Book launch event and had a night we will literally never forget. Here’s the sitch:

Sasha Alsberg and Katharine McGee are The Best Dynamic Duo We’ve Ever Seen

Introducing the best new celeb couple, Kasha. Katharine McGee + Sasha Alsberg = Kasha, duh. Seriously, just look at how cute these two are together. When I find someone who looks at me the way Katharine looks at Sasha I’ll be happy.


Frankie Greek Took Over Our Snapchat and She is Even Cooler than Her Hair is

Frankie Greek made the most epic snapstory on our snapchat with so much Thousandth Floor love. Also, btw, we had our own snapchat filter which was dope AF…… nbd though.


The Thousandth Floor Made It To The  Times Square Jumbotron!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can’t describe how we felt when we saw The Thousandth Floor Trailer and Epic Reads Logo shining bright (like a diamond) on the Forever 21 Times Square Jumbotron. Like, somebody pinch me please did this really happen!!!!!


We Got a Breakdown of The Thousandth Floor’s #Flawless Characters

So on top of these character overviews, we also got a sneak peak at what the characters would be wearing, styled by Forever 21! OMG. Okay. So here’s how it goes:

Avery – “The classic” 

Avery lives on floor 1,000. She is genetically engineered to be perfect but has a dangerous secret of her own. This is the girl who can dress head to toe in white cashmere and not get anything on it, but you can’t even hate her because she’s a good friend, caring, and generous

Leda – “The Gossip”  

Leda is Avery’s best friend and lives on floor 962. She’s beautiful in her own way, a little fierce, and her style all straight lines and edges. Leda Struggles with addiction and loves someone who loves somebody else and has to watch it happen, but she’ll do whatever it takes to get her way.  

Eris – “The Flirt”

Eris is Part of Avery and Leda’s clique. She lives on 985 and is the girl that can get every guy and girl’s attention. She is carefree, fun, a little “promiscuous” and sassy. It may seem like Eris has no worries in the world but something serious is looming over her and her family that she will be forced to deal with. 

Rylin  “The Hipster”

Rylin lives on Floor 32. She is an alllll the way Downtower so she isn’t part of the clique or their glamorous world. She is a hard worker who has to support herself and her younger sister. When she ends up working as a maid for a family Uptower she gets exposed to their lifestyle and so much more. 

Watt – “The Hacker”

Watt lives on floor 294 but likes to appear like he comes from higher up. Watt seems to be the only guy with his own point of view. He is very techy, insanely smart, and falling for a girl way out of his league. He has a secret weapon that allows him to know everything about everyone, but knowing everything doesn’t mean that he can do everything.

We Flash Backed to Flash Tats

Flashtats made a serious comeback with our new fave duo Kasha at the event and we are all now considering buying lifetime supplies. But really, there were Thousandth Floor customized tattoos and they were GLORIOUS.



We Learned Just How Massive The Tower Actually Is

Well, basically, The tower is just stupidly huge, and would actually cast a shadow over all of Brooklyn. (Haha, lol poor Brooklyn.) You can see this infographic up close and personal right here!



Katharine McGee Signed Books In Gold Bc She’s Perfect

Well if it wasn’t cool enough that Katharine McGee was signing books in times square, she also brought a glittery gold pen so her signature would match her gorgeous book cover.


We Ate Thousandth Floor Rice Krispy Treats!

And they were delicious.

Check out more event pics here!

Who is your favorite Thousandth Floor Character? Tell us in the comments below!