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We could tell you all about The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye, but we’d rather just show you instead. (You can also read the first six chapters here!)

Set in a fictionalized version of Imperial Russia (a real state that existed from 1721 until overthrown in 1917), it’s the story of Nikolai and Vika, two teens who must endure a magical battle to be named Imperial Enchanter—basically the tsar’s most respected adviser, and the most powerful wielder of magic in all of Russia.

The laws of magic dictate that Russia can only have one Enchanter at any given time. But there are two magic wielders in the kingdom:

The Crown's Game by Evelyn SkyeVika, whose magic is based in nature – commanding animals and controlling the weather. And Nikolai, whose powers are more mechanical – building machines and forming bridges.

In order to decide which will become Imperial Enchanter, the Tsar of Russia begins the Crown’s Game – a dangerous contest in which each enchanter must take turns using their magic to impress the Tsar and defeat—or kill—their opponent.

The magic of the game will only permit one winner. The loser must die.

But as much as they try to distance themselves, Nikolai and Vika can’t help being drawn to each other.

And when Nikolai’s best friend Pasha—who happens to be the Crown Prince of all Russia—also starts to fall for Vika, things only get more complicated.

Can Vika kill another enchanter—especially one whose magic calls to her as strongly as Nikolai’s does?

Will Nikolai defeat the girl he and his best friend both love . . . or will he be killed himself?

As the stakes get higher and long-buried secrets emerge, one thing becomes dangerously clear …

The Crown’s Game is not one to lose.

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