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Not that you asked, but here’s 5 things I bet you didn’t know about me.

1. I like to scuba dive. I first learned to scuba when my wife and I were teaching at the American International School in Kuwait. Since then I’ve dived (dove?) all over the world and I’ve seen amazing things, including a huge, free-swimming moray eel on a night dive, 3 feet from me (if you’re a diver, you know how scary that was.) Neat fact: When you’re 10 meters down in salt water, human blood looks green.

2. I was in the Presidential Escort Unit. When I was in the Army, I served with the 3rd US Infantry, The Old Guard, in Washington, D.C. If you’ve ever been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington Cemetery, that was my unit. I never did that job—let’s just say I wasn’t the best soldier in the Army and leave it at that—but I did do a lot of ceremonies at the White House. President Regan once pointed right at me and said, “Look how shiny his shoes is.” Yes, he said “is.” Neat fact: To keep them at the perfect level, we taped our pants up with wide masking tape. Lots of it.

3. Monkeys don’t like me. I’ve been chased and/or attacked by monkeys in India (3 times), Thailand (twice), Bali (twice), Pakistan, Kenya and Singapore. Neat fact: A monkey will steal your backpack and take it to the roof of a building across a busy street and then throw all the stuff inside down at you. Trust me on this.

4. My wife and I take our picture every day. Once a day, every day for over 20 years now. And we have to be holding up the date. We haven’t missed a day, but camera problems have led to missing shots and you’d be amazed at how off people can be when you ask them to take your picture. Rose swears that we had agreed to only do this for a year, but I refuse to let this family tradition stop. Neat fact: I’m taking our picture right now.

5. I play tenor sax in Some Ska Band. That’s the name of the band. We play some ska, some punk and a few reggae tunes, but mostly ska, covering bands like Madness, Specials, Prince Buster, Rancid, The Dualers and The Skatalites. And if you don’t know what ska is, well friend, that’s what they invented YouTube for. Neat fact: Some Ska Band will be playing our first gig, November 3rd and you can watch online for free. (Details at

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