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How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day? If you’ve never heard of it, this amazing day comes to us from the genius mind of Parks and Rec‘s Leslie Knope, who dedicated the day before Valentine’s Day to her closest friends. Because that’s like, one of the best things we’ve ever heard, we are firm believers in celebrating our (book) BFFs, too.

We don’t always have a chance to show our best friends how much they mean to us, so we thought we could maybe do it hypothetically through a quiz! Because quizzes are fun. And what better way to celebrate the idea of Galentine’s Day than by also acknowledging the fictional characters that make our lives a little better?! There are so many in YA who we’d love to be friends with. And now you can find out who your best friend—who you should, if you could—celebrate Galentine’s Day with!


Plan the Perfect Galentine’s Day and We’ll Reveal Your YA Galentine!


Learn more about the book BFFs featured!


Who did you get? Are you ready to spend an entire epic day with them? Let us know!

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