Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Here are some tips on how to keep thinning your to-be-read pile while being forced to spend time with your family during the holidays.



Tip #1: Read paperbacks.

Don’t even bother trying to lug a precious hardcover around. Chances are, someone will spill mashed potatoes on it or babies will chew on it and you just don’t want to inflict that kind of pain on your hardcovers. Paperbacks can take the damage. Hardcovers cannot.



Tip #2: Sports are your friend.

Normally, you’d rather tear your eyes out than be forced to watch another football game with your uncles, but you should use this time to your advantage. Most of your family will be gathered around the couch, eyes glued to the TV. Don’t hide in your room, that will only draw more attention to yourself. Park your butt on the couch with the rest of your family, but while they are glued to the screen, you are secretly reading that book behind a pillow. The trick here is to tune everything out just enough that you can concentrate, but not so much that you miss the commercial break, because that’s when you’ll want to hide the book between the cushions and act like you just watched what they watched.



Tip #3: Wait until everyone has eaten.

We fully support keeping a book on your lap and sneaking a couple of pages in here and there while dinner is being served. The trick with doing this, especially during big meals, is to do it on the tail end of first round and during the second round of feasting. The beginning of meals is when everyone is still trying to act civil and show interest in their kin, while by the second round, tiredness and fullness have set in and they care less about what people are doing. This is your time to get a few chapters in!




Tip #4: Be social.

If you hide in your room, your mom is just going to yell at your for being anti-social, so avoid that confrontation all together by being “social” right as all your family members arrive. Talk to ALL of them for short periods of time. That way, if you do go off and hide, no one will notice because you’ve already paid your dues.




Tip #5: Stay strong.

You can do this. You can get through the holidays. If anything, just remember that everyone falls asleep after a big meal at like 6PM, which leaves you ample reading time!



What are your tips for getting in a little reading during the holidays? Tell us in the comments below!