What We're Reading

The countdown to Allegiant has officially begun and to celebrate we’re revisiting Veronica Roth’s world where it all began, in the first book in the dystopian series, Divergent.


You are cordially invited to join our week-long read-a-thon!



Here’s how to participate:

1. Locate your copy of Divergent. (Don’t have one? Get it in hardcover, paperback or ebook.)

2. Start reading! Aim to finish the book by end of day Sunday, October 6th, 2013.

3. Update your reading progess! Use the hashtag #DivergentReadAThon when posting on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook. You can also update your reading progress on the forums here.

4. Recruit the Divergent nation! Let’s see how many Initiates we can get to all read Divergent at the same time.


Other Things To Know:

–– We will post a daily status report on this blog with our thoughts on what we’ve read so far as well as post some of the highlights from fellow read-a-thoners. Stay up-to-date with our reading progress by following us on Instagram @EpicReads!

–– In the meantime, enter to win a limited-edition Allegiant t-shirt!

–– Stay tuned because next week we’ll be re-reading INSURGENT. (We’ll also be giving away Allegiant posters next week!)


Oh. . . one last thing.

Since we love to Vine, we decided to post a Divergent-themed Vine each day until the release of Allegiant. 20 Vines in 20 days.  LET’S DO THIS.


Once more with feeling! (And in GIF format!)




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3