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These New Julie Murphy Bookmojis Are as Flawless as a Starry Summer Night

You might have noticed some fabulous new additions to our already epic bookmojis assortment. And if you aren’t using bookmojis yet for some reason, um, do yourself a favor and download them right now for free!

We’ve been adding new batches to the app at least once a month, and our most recent are themed to the incredible books written by the one and only, Julie Murphy! Julie’s books (like DUMPLIN’PUDDIN’, and RAMONA BLUE) are full of hilarious one-liners and empowering wisdom. So, they’re basically perfect for group chats everywhere. We may already be overusing them but WE JUST DON’T CARE. We’ve taken some of our favorite quotes and characters and immortalized them in bookmoji form so that you can share the Julie Murphy love with everyone in your contacts, too!

You can check them out on the app RIGHT NOW, but we’re also giving you a breakdown on these brand new bookmojis below!


Introducing: The Julie Murphy bookmojis!


Not only is “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” one of our favorite lines from DUMPLIN’, it’s also exactly how we feel about working these into every single text convo we have. #SorryNotSorry


Pizza needs no explanation. Next!


Strike a pose—for when you feel fancy, obvs.


Little emojified versions of Callie and Millie! Because we can all use a go-to bestie dance bookmoji from time to time. Girls in rabbit ears who?


“Don’t break the rules, change ’em,” is the rally cry for brave (but also rule-abiding) book nerds like our main girl Millie!


Go big or go home is perfect for when someone in your group chat needs a little Willowdean inspiration. Is also the perfect encouragement for starting that new epic fantasy series…


Need to tell someone to be true to themselves? Say it with bookmojis!


Because summer, duh.


And because a dramatic exit is just as important as the entrance—if not moreso!


What other Bookmojis do you want to see? Let us know in the comments!

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