Author Guest Posts

With the release of THE RISING next week, Kelley Armstrong says goodbye not only to the Darkness Rising trilogy, but also the Darkest Powers trilogy. Here to bid adieu to her two beloved trilogies is Kelley in her own words:



“When the last book in the Darkest Powers trilogy—The Reckoning—came out, and readers discovered I was starting a new trilogy, they wrote me, concerned because they didn’t feel the story was over. They were right. It wasn’t. While I switched to a new set of characters in The Gathering, it was a continuation of the main story line.

For me, the Darkness Rising trilogy was a storytelling challenge. How could I take the same basic premise—group of teens discover they have paranormal powers and are part of a science experiment—and make it a new story. Was it possible, if the other elements were different enough? Different types of characters? Different types of supernaturals? Different type of setting?

While it was fun to work with two groups of characters, my ultimate goal was to loop back to the Darkest Powers trilogy and complete it in the last book of the Darkness Rising trilogy. When we left the Darkest Powers kids, they were in a safe place, but on the run, without the tools they needed to fix their problem. The Darkness Rising kids are in the same situation and facing the same challenge. Separately, all they can do is flee. Together, though? Well, that’s when things get interesting. That’s when they can finally discover a solution to their problem.

Their solution . . . might not be what readers expect. That’s another sort of challenge that I love—taking the expected and giving it a twist that works better for the characters I’ve created.

With The Rising, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. The problem is resolved, for now. The kids are safe, for now. And that means there are no more books to write. Just for now? I don’t know. I never close the door completely on my characters. But I do close it, and that’s what I’ve done here. I’ve taken these characters where I wanted them to go, and it’s time to bid farewell.

Does that mean readers won’t see loose ends? Of course not. I’ve always joked that, short of killing off every character, there will always be loose ends. Even if I did kill them all off, given that I write paranormal fiction, readers could rightly demand to know what happened to them in the afterlife!

Those loose ends provide possible fodder for future short stories, just as the characters’ final destination allows room for adventures. But the characters themselves have gone as far as I can take them at this stage in their lives. Without character development, I have room for stories, not novels.

And so I say goodbye to the kids of Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising. I’m sure we’ll meet again, in some form, but it’s time to let them go and move on to fresh worlds, fresh characters and fresh adventures. I hope readers enjoyed their time in this world as much as I did, and I hope they’ll stick around to see what I do next.”