Kick-Butt Girls with Kiersten White #2: Buffy

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Kick-Butt Girls with Kiersten White #2: Buffy


Our butt-kicking author is back! Last week, Kiersten White discussed the much loved Veronica Mars and in this week’s video, Kiersten shares her thoughts on Joss Whedon’s iconic butt-kicking-vamp-slaying-Spike-and-Angel-loving-character – BUFFY!




Check out the vid below to see what Kiersten has to say.


Like last week, here are some our favorite Buffy gifs to help reinforce her butt-kicking status:


Need more butt-kicking female character in your life? Add Kiersten newest book, MIND GAMES, to your pre-order list! The butt-kicking Fia hits shelves in February!

Tune in for next week’s video! What butt-kicking ladies would you like to see Kiersten discuss?

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  1. December 14, 2012 | 12:46 am

    Ohh I loved Buffy!! Such a great show and you know what I agree we do need more butt-kicking females. I have to agree though, that the balance of the supernatural to human ratio was great! I cannot wait for Mind Games

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