Shadow of the Mark, the sequel to Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon, is finally here and to celebrate the forbidden romance between Megan and Adam, we asked Leigh Fallon to share her top 10 forbidden, fictional, romances.



1. Liz Parker & Max Evans – Roswell

I fell so hard for this couple. You can’t get more forbidden than an alien and human romance in hot and sweaty alien-ridden New Mexico, especially when said alien is meant to be a reincarnated guy who was married to another girl and whose reincarnated wife happens to be living down the road. Ouch! On top of all that you have guilt, danger, and future selves telling you NO—not to mention the romance being forbidden by both parents, and friends. Ohh…rough deal.



2. Buffy & Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who doesn’t love Buffy and Angel? Their chemistry was perfect, the sexual tension, taut. They complimented each other perfectly and loved each other completely. So much so they made the ultimate sacrifice…their love. I can’t even…It still hurts a little.



3. Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton – True Blood

Okay, so there are lots of forbidden romances in Sookie’s life. There’s the whole Sookie and earnest Bill scenario, Sookie and smoldering Eric shindig, and Sookie and the delectable Alcide affair. I love each of these forbidden loves so much, but there’s something about Sookie and Bill that pulls at my heart strings—even if she did stake him, she staked him because she loved him. Ahh…gritty young love.



4. Olivia Pope & President Fitzgerald Grant – Scandal

Oh my! So much forbidden here.  Firstly he’s the president and a married one at that. Okay, so it’s a marriage of convenience and everyone is working the angles for their own benefit, but it’s a marriage nonetheless, and Fitz is a very naughty boy. But then you have Olivia, who is emotionally scarred by her love of Fitz, her desire to keep his political career moving forward, her ever burning conscience, a daddy in high places, and half the White House telling her NO! But these two lovebirds just can’t stay away from each other. Their love is an intermittent tango with danger set against a backdrop of espionage, murder, intrigue, and political backstabbing. It’s forbidden at its most awesome.



5. Edward & Bella – Twilight

No forbidden romance list is complete without Edward and Bella. They are the anti Buffy and Angel. Their forbidden romance was all consuming, and despite it being wrong in many ways, costing the lives and loves of many, and hurting countless more, I still wanted them to get their happily ever after. And they totally got it.



6. Ennis Del Mar & Jack Twist – Brokeback Mountain

Forbidden romance at its most heart-wrenching. Two people struggling with their emotions, love, family, community backlash, and of course themselves.  Their romance hits on so many levels and brings out so many. It’s one of those romances where you don’t expect the happy ending because the human web is just too complex, but you take comfort from the moments they had, and the enduring quality of their bond against all the odds.



7. Romeo & Juliet – Romeo & Juliet

A bit of a cliché when it comes to forbidden romance, but theirs was the one that started it all. Two lovers from different worlds torn apart by hatred, social division, and family feuds, things that in today’s world might seem surmountable, but in years past was tantamount to them being different species.  Like Bella and Edward, these poor creatures gave into their love, but paid the price. Fate had a different end planned for them. Utter tragedy.



8. Stifler’s Mom & Paul Finch – American Pie

So, so, SO forbidden. The hallowed ground that should not be trod upon was taken out for a stroll in the most hilarious forbidden romance to grace the comedic world. The feckless Paul Finch, old before his time, unable to use a public bathroom, and hopeless in teen romance, finds his heart belongs to his frenemy’s mom.  It’s all so wrong that it’s nearly right.



9. Belle & the Beast – Beauty & the Beast

Belle, a beautiful young, intelligent girl, commits herself to a life in captivity in order to save her father, and.  Despite her fear, the beast’s gruffness, and his obvious physical challenges, Belle sees the good where even the Beast himself cannot.  Layer by layer, Belle reveals the best of the Beast. She discovers a beautiful heart and reminds him of who he was and who he could be.  What today would be seen as a horrible case of Stockholm syndrome is a magical tale of forbidden love and self-discovery. Admit it, we all cried when Beast died.  I may even have cried a little more when he turned into the handsome prince. Bring back the beast.



10. Baby Houseman & Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing


It’s the classic forbidden romance. Bad boy meets super squeaky clean nice girl and as quick as you can say Peace Corps, she’s lip syncing Love is Strange and rolling around in grubby cotton sheets. Of course, her daddy is furious, disappointed, and forbids the relationship, while her mom sticks her head in a putting hole.  I adored Baby and Johnny’s romance. It was real, gritty, and above all, it was right. The only thing wrong was other peoples’ perception of it. It made me want to live my life through a series of choreographed, hip-gyrating dance scenes. Well…at least one. We all deserve that, don’t we?


What other forbidden romances would you add to this list?