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Can You Guess the YA Book by the MS Paint Drawing?

There are some YA books that you know like the back of your hand. But would you know them like a badly drawn stick figure illustration done in Microsoft Paint?

Maybe you haven’t heard the news, but APPARENTLY, the iconic Microsoft Paint is on its way out. And our elementary school selves are crushed. What else are we going to waste time in and make questionable graphics with?! So, we decided to go for one last hurrah and illustrate some of our fave YA books in this iconic app. And no, we’re not just talking book covers. These are 100% original designs, people.

Scroll down for the ultimate quiz in YA knowledge and poor artistic choices!


Can You Guess the YA Book by the Microsoft Paint Drawing?

So, how well did you do?! Are there any books that you think would be #iconic enough to draw in Microsoft Paint next? Tell us in the comments below!