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Sometimes you can’t help but get invested for that ship that doesn’t exactly set sail on the page. Whether it’s their chemistry, a particular scene that pit them together, or an undeniable spark in their verbal (or sometimes… literal) warfare, sometimes it can make us feel helpless. Sometimes it’ll nudge us in the direction of a good fic! But either way, we wanted to see where y’all fall on some of the most popular non-canon ships in YA. How would you rank them?

The way this list works, you can scroll down and upvote all the faux ships that you definitely ship. Get your faves to the top! This way the most popular will prevail, and we can see which couples maybe should have been endgame, and which ones are decidedly NOTPs.


How Would You Rank These Non-Canon Ships?


What other non-canon ships do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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