Read the First 3 Chapters of Onyx & Ivory

Sneak Peeks

Can we just start by saying that we are so excited to share this excerpt with you guys?! Mindee Arnett has written some amazing books in the past (we’re looking at you, AVALON), so we literally cannot wait for her new … Read More

These 12 Choices Will Reveal Which Combination of Shadowhunters You Are


With three series out now and two more on the way, two adaptations, short story collections, and a sprawling web of characters you can’t help but fall in love with, the Shadowhunter Chronicles has truly made its mark on YA. We … Read More

Red Queen Bookmojis Are Finally Here!

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff, Red Queen Series

You’ve downloaded our Bookmojis by now, right? We hope so, because we have our first new update pack for you—and it’s RED QUEEN themed! If you haven’t heard, we launched the Epic Reads Bookmoji Keyboard with lots of emojis, gifs, and stickers to use in … Read More

Women’s History Book Recommendations from Mackenzi Lee!


Why shouldn’t women’s history be acknowledged and celebrated year-round? Why do we have to designate all our learnings to a single month?! Those are the questions on Mackenzi Lee’s—and our, TBH—mind as we start looking for more books to line our … Read More

Maven’s Most Messed-Up Moments From the Entire Red Queen Series

Fun Stuff, Lists!, Red Queen Series

ICYMI, WAR STORM will have five narrators: Mare, Evangeline, Iris, Cal… and Maven! As if we weren’t already freaking out about the RED QUEEN SERIES finale, now we have to prepare ourselves to enter the mind of one of the most emotionally … Read More

16 Feel Good Books to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside

Epic Reads Exclusives

Sometimes you just need a read that’s going to life your spirits and restore your faith in humanity, are we right? Sometimes we don’t even need something on such a large scale. Sometimes, just a book that will make you … Read More

Get Ready to Swoon Over This Glamorous Look Inspired by The Selection Dresses

Fun Stuff, Selection Series, Videos

Welcome to our fourth and final Epic Reads Costume Challenge video, where we asked aspiring fashion designers to create outfits based on some epic fantasy series! You’ve seen the fierce looks inspired by SHATTER ME, RED QUEEN, and THREE DARK … Read More

Admit It: You Love Backstabbing Liars (In Books)


You don’t realize it but you might actually love backstabbing, manipulative liars… in books. Hear us out!!! We’re totally aware that these characters are the worst kinds of people. You DO NOT want to experience them in real life. But … Read More

These Epic YA Good Morning Tweets Will Start Your Day in the Best Way

Epic Reads Exclusives, Fun Stuff

Good morning to everyone, but especially the awesome book nerds reading this post. If you don’t follow us on Twitter (PS, you totally should)—or, if you do, but don’t check the TL until late in the day—you might have missed … Read More

14 Comforting Mental Health Quotes to Get You Through the Day

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It’s a crazy world we live in. Between the day-to-day stress, social anxieties, and the overwhelming feeling that comes from being bombarded with world news all the time, it’s no wonder that things can get a little tough. But we find … Read More

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