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Returning to Grimms’ darker roots, critically acclaimed author Bennett Madison creates a modern reimagining of the mermaid myth that’s full of love, loss, and longing. September Girls was newly released this week and we can’t stop thinking about some of … Read More

Which Pretty Little Liars couple do you ship the most?

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Which couple was your favorite to ship during Pretty Little Liars Season 3? Get ready for what comes next for each of these couples in Season 4, premiering June 11th on ABC Family!   TEAM HALEB       TEAM … Read More

Author Q&A: Kiersten White and Natalie Whipple

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In Natalie Whipple’s debut novel, Transparent, teenage Fiona doesn’t just feel invisible—she actually is. We love Fiona’s fresh, smart, fast-paced story… and so does Kiersten White, author of the Paranormalcy trilogy, Mind Games, and the upcoming The Chaos of Stars! … Read More

20 Books That Are Totally Smizing

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At a recent trip to our bookshelf, we made an interesting observation. There are a lot of YA book covers that are smizing – or, smiling with their eyes. Here are twenty book covers that even Tyra Banks would say … Read More

Join the BEFORE I FALL Read-A-Thon

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This month, our book club is reading and discussing BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver. While we hope that newbies to the book will pick up a copy sometime this month, we’re hosting a week long read-a-thon (or re-read-a-thon for … Read More

Nerd Alert #1: The Doctor’s Daughter, The Doctor’s Wife

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Welcome to Nerd Alert, a new guest blogger series here on Epic Reads! Your host is Robison Wells, YA author, master of killer cliffhanger endings, and certified expert nerd. He is the author of Variant and Feedback, a page-turning two-book … Read More

10 Reasons Why Texas Would Survive The Apocalypse

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While Dan Wells, author of Paritals, thinks every city in America is doomed, Amy Tintera, author of Reboot, thinks the Lone Star State would survive apocalyptic doom.   10 Reasons Why Texas Would Survive The Apocalypse By Amy Tintera When … Read More

Get Buff With Books #1

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff

A workout tailored for book nerds everywhere. What you’ll need: A stack of hardcovers, yarn or rope or even a plastic bag (just something to keep the stack from falling apart) and a can-do attitude.   Workout #1: The Book … Read More

Enter the “Be the Elite” Contest!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Selection Series

Here at Epic Reads, the Selection series is one of our favorites. And now that The Elite is out in the world, we’re trying to figure out what to do with ourselves while we wait (impatiently!) for The One.   … Read More

Top 10 Parallel Universe Stories

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Parallel Week continues today with a list of Lauren Miller‘s favorite parallel universe stories (besides her own, of course). Need to brush up on your parallel universe IQ? Get an intro into this scientific theory here.   Lauren Miller’s Top … Read More

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