Paul Blackwell On Scary Descents

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Undercurrent is the story of Callum Harris, a sixteen year-old boy who wakes up in the hospital after going over a waterfall. While writing the book, I tried my best to imagine what the experience might actually feel like. So … Read More

Reading Playlist: UNDERCURRENT

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Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell is the story of Callum Harris, a teenager who goes over a waterfall and wakes up to a world where everyone thinks he’s a badass. In the same spirit, here are a few equally badass songs … Read More

What are your favorite adult books?

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For this week’s Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we will be discussing CROSSOVER BOOKS. Ohemgee what’s crossover? Crossover is a 100% publishing term for books that defy their target demographic and are suitable for a variety of audiences. Basically, … Read More

20 Extremely Romantic Quotes You Should Say To Your Love

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Get ready for some serious swooning. These are some of the most romantic quotes and lines we have ever read in YA lit. Have one to add? Share it with us in the comments below! “No matter what has happened. … Read More

5 Party Tips For Your Next 1876 Parisian Ball

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Just as Eleanor must attend a glamorous party in A Darkness Strange and Lovely, I am certain all of you ladies and gentleman will one day be faced with an exciting ball of your own—if you have not already attended … Read More

The Perfect Snacks For Reading

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A 100% unscientific survey discovered that these are the perfects snacks to enjoy while reading. We allow for a margin of error, so if you happen to disagree, please tell us your favorite snack in the comments below!   IF … Read More

A Bookish Cootie Catcher

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What should you read next? Use this free, printable cootie catcher template help you make the decision. Step 1: Download the PDF file here. (You may need to right click + ‘Save As’ to download!) Step 2: Print said PDF … Read More

An Ode to Reading While Peeing

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A tribute to my favorite pastime.   Four walls closing in Cold caresses my skin Redemption is found Within pages bound   While I relieve Characters believe   Resting high on my throne of glass Words make the time pass … Read More

Divergent News: July 11th Edition

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Another round up of Divergent-related news is here! Here’s what you may have missed since our last recap.   Veronica’s tour has been announced! The official Divergent Tumblr page has all of the details for the tour dates but here’s … Read More


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The Beginning of After is a story of hope and healing from Jennifer Castle, a powerful new voice in teen fiction. When Laurel’s family dies in a horrific car accident, she struggles to put her life back together. She is … Read More

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