Sexy YA Books We Want Made Into Movies

Fun Stuff

Inspired by’s list of “Sexy YA Books That Need to Be Made Into Movies”, we’re putting together our own wishlist! Read More

Like, Try, Why #9

Like, Try, Why

If you read and liked Wake, Lock and Key or Paranormalcy, we have a recommendation for you! Read More

My Thoughts on NPR’s Top 100 YA Novels

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This week NPR unveiled their list of 100 greatest YA novels of all time. Here’s what I think of this list. Read More

Read STUCK IN NEUTRAL for free!

Epic Reads Exclusives

For the next two weeks, you can have complete access to STUCK IN NEUTRAL by Terry Trueman! Read More

New Trailer Alert! The Rise of Nine


The Rise of Nine trailer is here. Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch it now! Read More

A Bright Young Things Guide to Being a Flapper

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Known for their style, self-defining attitudes and appetite for a good party; Flappers made it cool to be unique. Read More

August Book Club: DON’T BREATHE A WORD

What We're Reading

Join us this month as we discuss, dissect and dive into DON’T BREATHE A WORD by Holly Cupala! Read More

Delirium Covers: The Many Faces of Lena Haloway

Cover Design

We’re taking a look at the many different covers of DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver – which one is your favorite? Read More

Like, Try, Why #8

Like, Try, Why

This week we recommend books to fans of Wicked Lovely, Graceling and An Abundance of Katherines. Read More

Eye Wear for SMART GIRLS

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Check out these chic glasses, inspired by the cover of SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT by Sarah Strohmeyer! Read More

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