5 Ways to Beat Your Goodreads Goal This Year

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Every year we tell ourselves that we’re going to read more books. You probably do the same. Maybe you have specific genres you want to expand into, like reading more thrillers or mysteries or nonfiction. Maybe you just want to … Read More

24 Books That’ll Make You Stay Up Late Reading

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Whuddup, fellow insomniacs? And, okay, sleep lovers alike. When a book is so good that you literally cannot go to sleep until you’ve finished, it doesn’t really matter what kind of sleeper you are. And because we want to start our … Read More

New Year’s Resolution-Inspired Book Recs from Mackenzi Lee!


As a living, breathing human who has probably witnessed the start of a new year at least once in their life, you’ve probably also tried to make some New Year’s resolutions. Maybe they were one of the more common ones—eat healthier, … Read More

Here Are All the Dates for the Restore Me Tour!

Shatter Me Series

Today isn’t just any Tuesday. Not at all. Why, you ask? Because the SHATTER ME hardcover edition is on sale today!!! *endless book shimmies* And what’s the best way to celebrate the occasion? Well, going to the store and picking … Read More

9 Fictional BFFs You’d Want to Have IRL


There are a LOT of characters in YA that we would want to be friends. Seriously, SO MANY. From the kick-butt main characters to the swoony love interests (and hey, sometimes even a nefarious villain or two), and of course there’s also the … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Forgetting to Eat


You know when you’re reading and tell yourself, “It’s fine, I can just get food after this chapter,” but then the chapter ending is so good that you immediately need to start another chapter, thus beginning a cycle that will never … Read More

You Need to Follow Olivia A. Cole Because She is #TwitterGoals

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Meet Olivia A. Cole. She’s the author of A CONSPIRACY OF STARS, the first book in a new sci-fi series featuring outer space, egotistical, villainous leaders, and, potentially, war! (No, it’s not just a depiction of real life…) You can … Read More

How Long Would You Last in a YA Fantasy Novel?

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The stakes are high and time is running out, do you have what it takes to survive in a YA fantasy novel?! Welcome to the fantasy world of EVERLESS, where time is literally money and rich aristocrats live for centuries, … Read More

These Bookstagrams Are The Definition of Shelf Goals

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It’s 2018! It’s a new year and a perfect time to reorganize our shelves to make room for all the amazing 2018 books coming out this year. We took to the bookstagram community to see whose bookshelves we were seriously … Read More

Pair These Books Up and We’ll Reveal What Your Favorite New Book Will Be!


One of the best things about YA is how varied the genres are. Fantasies are full of romance and mystery and emotion; sci-fi can bounce between emotional contemporary and something truly out of this world. So, we chose a bunch … Read More

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