Do You Prefer These US or International Book Covers?

Cover Design, Featured, Quizzes

As Informed Book Nerds™, we like to keep up to date not only on the books available near us, but also on how they look around the world! After all, we have limited shelf space and we want to make sure … Read More

How Would You Rank These Non-Canon Ships?

Fun Stuff, Lists!

Sometimes you can’t help but get invested for that ship that doesn’t exactly set sail on the page. Whether it’s their chemistry, a particular scene that pit them together, or an undeniable spark in their verbal (or sometimes… literal) warfare, sometimes it … Read More

These 8 Choices Will Reveal Which Combination of Throne of Glass Characters You Are


Are you a prince or an heiress? A fae or a witch? The THRONE OF GLASS characters and books have expanded so awesomely past the first novel’s tournament of assassins, and along the way we’ve met so many who we couldn’t help but fall … Read More

The Fantastical Creatures In This Gothic Novel Are Gorgeous… and Terrifying

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Move over Newt Scamander—the HOUSE OF FURIES series by Madeleine Roux has some truly fantastical creatures that will creep you out in the best way! This gothic fantasy trilogy stars Louisa Ditton, a girl who discovers she’s a changeling and works … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of Contagion

Sneak Peeks

Y’all already KNOW the golden age of YA sci-fi is continuing! And what do you get when you combine a pulse-pounding, out of this world thriller with the undead? Well, you get CONTAGION by Erin Bowman! It’s the first book in … Read More

Tell Us Your Zodiac Sign And We’ll Tell You Which New Book to Read Next!

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OKAY OKAY. We know there are a TON of books on your TBR pile already. A ton! And it never seems to grow smaller since…you know…we have new books that come out almost every single week. The pile just keeps … Read More

14 Instagram Captions Pulled Straight From Our Favorite Books

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As book nerds who also love #theaesthetic, we know the struggle all too well of taking a perfect picture—maybe of ourselves, a friend, a book—and then not being able to figure out Instagram captions to match! They can be their own art … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Eating Ice Cream While Reading

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

It’s not easy being a book nerd who enjoys sweet summer treats! It’s getting hot out there, and sometimes the only thing we need as much as a book is something delicious to keep us cool. So obviously, ice cream is … Read More

Can You Identify Which Books These Good Morning Tweets Are From?

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If you haven’t been following along on our Twitter, here’s the rundown: Every day for a few months now, we’ve been wishing good morning tweets to different YA characters. Sometimes it’s to a whole little group. Sometimes it’s to everyone except a certain someone. … Read More

Write Your Own YA Adventure With This Title Generator!

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What would the title of your YA adventure be? Use this title generator to find out! We love a good adventure in our stories and The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is no exception! First off, THAT TITLE. It’s super intriguing … Read More

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