Who is Reputation About? A Track-by-Track YA Breakdown

Featured, Pop Culture

Since the days of her humble, self-titled album, one of our guiltiest pleasures has been trying to figure out just who Taylor Swift has written songs about. Don’t get us wrong—we love the music (whether we want to or not, … Read More

Introducing the Epic Reads Holiday Box!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

  Have you been a good book nerd this year? We really hope you said yes because this holiday season, we partnered with the Givington’s to bring you a very special treat!   Introducing the Epic Reads Holiday Box! What’s that?! … Read More

Watch Our November Book Haul!


If you’re anything like us, you’re slowly but surely making your way through those fall TBRs! Things have been piling up quite a bit, but we’re still making time to read, taking suggestions, and falling in love with words on … Read More

Who Would Be Your Fictional BFF?


There’s no shortage of amazing characters in YA novels, and it’s not uncommon for us to want to be BFFs with literally every single character we meet. Sometimes it’s the main character! Sometimes it’s their best friend, or love interest, … Read More

10 Paranormal Romance Books To Try if You Hate Paranormal Romance


Our never-ending quest to spread love for every genre and convince even the most hesitant of haters to try again continues! In this edition, we’re talking about paranormal romance, because contrary to popular belief, it is 100% not dead. Or… undead. … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of The Closest I’ve Come

Sneak Peeks

THE CLOSEST I’VE COME is heart-wrenching, funny, and hopeful. It’s a story about a boy named Marcos who wants to find love, who thinks that finding that special someone in school will make up for the rough time he’s having … Read More

Are These the Titles of Video Games or YA Books?


Video games aren’t what they used to be. Honestly, if you told us ten years ago that we’d be wandering across worlds, plugged into games where the story was even more important than the action, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: When Books Divide Friends

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

There are characters you hate to love, and characters you love to hate. Then there are the characters you just love loving, and those especially are the ones you can’t wait to share with your book nerdy friends 😍 But what … Read More

Epic Reads at YALLFest 2017

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives

It’s almost that time of year again! Team Epic Reads is headed to YALLFest and we are so ready to book shimmy with everyone in Charleston! Check out the schedule below so you don’t miss your chance to meet your favorite authors, attend some pretty … Read More

Tell Us a Story and Unleash a Dragon


Okay, we know unicorns may be having a bit of a moment right now, but we’re here to boldly state that dragons are still the ultimate magical sidekick. Whether they’re of the adorable variety, or are more of the fire … Read More

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