Watch Margot’s April 2017 Book Haul!


It’s time for another book haul with Margot from Team Epic Reads! This month Margot read not one, not two, but THREE books! You probably want to know which dontcha? Of course you do! Okay so let’s jump right into … Read More

Miles Heizer Joins The Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda Movie

Epic Reads Exclusives, YA Movie & TV News

Hey- YOU- GUESS WHAT! We’ve got more Simon news coming you way. If you’re feeling blue then this news is about to turn your day around.  It was recently announced that Miles Heizer has been cast as Cal Prince in … Read More

This YA Author Is Shutting Down Slut-Shaming Trolls Everywhere

Author Guest Posts, Real Talk

In JUST A GIRL, Carrie Mesrobian is setting fire to the unfair stereotypes and the societal constraints placed on teenage girls. Her main character, Rianne, is stuck with an “easy girl” reputation for doing the same exact things guys do … Read More

What’s The Love Story Of Your Life?


After reading The End Of Our Story by Meg Haston, we wanted a fool proof way to tell What our love story was meant to be. Would we have a fluffy romance?  On again off again? Would we even make it … Read More

An Open Letter To The Book Thief Who Stole My Books

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

Dear Book Thief Who Borrowed My Book Without Asking, (You know who you are)  Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seriously,  this is against all book nerd bestie rules. I put my book down, blinked, and then it … Read More

Read The First Four Chapters Of The Freemason’s Daughter

Sneak Peeks

There’s no denying that sometimes you’re just in the mood for something that’ll count as a real throwback. And no, we’re not talking about your #tbt, but one of our up and coming fav new genres—historical YA 😍 We’re so … Read More

Are These Quotes from 90s Boy Band Songs or YA Books?

Featured, Pop Culture, Quizzes

Ah the 90s. The golden age of frosted tips, Brittany Spears, and Uncle Jesse’s mullet. If you weren’t a 90s baby, then let’s be real, you probably wish you were. Recently, after reading FIREWORKS by Katie Cotugno, a new 90’s … Read More

Let’s Play A Game Of Would You Rather Three Dark Crowns Edition

Book Nerds Unite, Quizzes

To fight or show mercy? To be brutal or to be smart? To Ship Joseph with Jules… or Joseph with Mirabella? THAT is the question. From the beginning, Three Dark Crowns has been a story of impossible choices. Three sisters, … Read More

13 YA Books To Read If You Loved 13 Reasons Why

Curated Reading Lists, Featured

By now you know that 13 Reasons Why, the adaptation of Jay Asher’s hit novel has premiered on Netflix. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably planning to binge the whole series this weekend while you ugly cry and eat … Read More

April 2017 YA Book Adaptation Updates

Pop Culture, Videos, YA Movie & TV News

In this month’s Epic Adaptations, JesseTheReader is wrapping up all your YA book adaptation news!  Since Sasha is super busy with all her bookish adventures, Jesse volunteered as tribute to take over all our Epic Adaptations! Find out what’s good with … Read More

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