Sarah Mlynowski’s Top 10 Things

Author Guest Posts

What are ten things Sarah Mlynowski probably, maybe, definitely, shouldn’t have done? Read on to find out! Read More

Series Recap: Pretty Little Liars

Series Recaps

Pretty Little Liars Month is in full swing; and to further get you PLL lovers revved up, we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to recap the epic series that we’ve been crushing on since 2006 – all leading up to the latest installment – Pretty Little Liars # 11: Stunning, in bookstores this month! Read More

Like Try Why #1

Like, Try, Why

If you like Pride & Prejudice, City of Bones, or Shiver then check out this week’s LIKE, TRY, WHY! Read More

Bethany Griffin’s Top 10 Favorite Edgar Allan Poe Quotes


Bethany Griffin, author of MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, stops by Pitch Dark to share with us her top ten favorite Edgar Allan Poe quotes! Read More

Top 10 Vacation Destinations for Vampire Lovers

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So where are the hottest vacation destinations for vampire lovers? J.A. London, author of DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN tells us! Read More

Top 10 Places to Find Summer Romance

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A LONG WAY FROM YOU author Gwendolyn Heasley tells us all about her top places to find summer romance! Read More

What We’re Reading: DREAMLESS

What We're Reading

We didn’t think anything could be better than STARCROSSED, but DREAMLESS is out-of-this world incredible – action-packed, intricate, funny, and sexy. Read More

Now Quoting: TEMPESTUOUS by Lesley Livingston

Now Quoting

As we celebrate the recent paperback release of TEMPESTUOUS, we’re reliving the magic via our top five favorite quotes! Read More

Now Quoting: COLD KISS

Now Quoting

What did I love about Amy Garvey’s COLD KISS? The more appropriate question would be what didn’t I love?! Read More

Series Recap: Social Suicide

Series Recaps

In October 2011 Gemma Halliday resurrected a dying YA genre (mystery!) via her YA debut Deadly Cool. Fast forward six months, and the sequel, Social Suicide, is now in bookstores, picking up where its predecessor left off. But before you delve into the pages of Book 2, let’s recap the daring detective work that took place in Book 1! Read More

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