Book Nerd Problems: Physical Books vs. Audiobooks


We’re trying to live our best book nerd lives by reading at all times possible. Really, it’s the only way we can hope to get through all the books we want! So, often, that means trying to jump between books in … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of What If It’s Us!

Featured, Sneak Peeks

Listen. No matter where you’re reading this, no matter what else you’re doing, we need you to take a note. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an agenda, your closest journal, or some random app on your phone. Now, mark … Read More

How Would the Lady Janies Rewrite Your Life?

Fun Stuff

Have you ever wished your life had a bit more of an adventurous twist to it? Yeah, us too. Why can’t it be like our favorite books or shows?! They just look so much more fun… That’s just one of the … Read More

Behind the Design: And the Ocean Was Our Sky

Cover Design

Come say hello at the Melbourne launch for And The Ocean Was Our Sky by @patricknessbooks! This Thursday, 6pm, at @little_bookroom. I'll be there to share some stories about how the illustrations for the book came together, and there will … Read More

Watch Our September Book Haul!

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives, Videos

It’s not only a brand new month, but also the start of a whole new season! AND, it’s back to school time! September may be a busy month, but we’re here to help you make time for books! So whether you’re … Read More

22 Back to School Books That’ll Make It Easier to Navigate the Year With

Curated Reading Lists, Infographics

The school year is officially beginning! Whether today’s your first day back in classes or if you’ve been back at school for the past couple weeks, we know that the year is always filled with challenges. Yes, there’s the typical studying, … Read More

The Official Breakdown of the Gifts from the Three Dark Crown Series

Three Dark Crowns Series, Videos

TWO DARK REIGNS is finally here! We hope you are on your way to pick this up right now because the ending of this book has turned us into emotional wrecks and we need to discuss it ASAP. But while … Read More

The 12 Most Exciting Books Coming in Fall 2018

Featured, Lists!

All hail the season of new books, falling leaves, and the PSL! No matter how you feel about those latter two, we think it’s pretty clear that fall is FILLED with phenomenal new books, and we cannot wait to get … Read More

Restore Me (Shatter Me #4) Recap: What You Need to Know

Series Recaps, Shatter Me Series

It’s been all building to this moment…our Summer of Shatter Me binge-read is complete! We just finished the fourth book, Restore Me, and OMG YOU GUYS. Our heads are still reeling from THAT ENDING. To sort through our feelings, we once … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Injured While Reading


It’s part of the age old problem: How can we read a book while still being at our most comfortable? It often can lead to some poses that… okay, we don’t want to use the word dangerous, but… they can be … Read More

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