Danielle Macdonald Joins The Dumplin Movie Cast!

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CALLING ALL DUMPLIN FANS!!! We just got the most perfect Willowdean in the world and we are FREAKING OUT.  Danielle Macdonald, the break-out star of Sundance movie Patti Cake$, will play Willowdean Dickson! The Sydney-native will star opposite Jennifer Aniston … Read More

14 YA Books To Read After You Watch Wonder Woman

Curated Reading Lists, Featured

Raise your hand if you left the WONDER WOMAN movie feeling empowered to take on the world and / or patriarchy. Wonder Woman is our not-so-new heroic obsession, so we immediately ran to our bookshelves in search of the perfect books to follow up … Read More

How To Create a Sense of Time and Place in YA Fiction

Editor's Pick

Hey there aspiring writers! New week, new Editor’s Pick!  If you need some #amwriting inspiration, look no further than today’s pick from HarperTeen’s editorial director Jen Klonsky. Jen breaks down how Jodi Anderson’s  vivid and detailed storytelling in her new … Read More

The Hardest Lorien Legacies Quiz of All Time


Seven books. Fifteen novellas. One epic series. Finally, a Lorien Legacies quiz. Whether you read I AM NUMBER FOUR when it first came out (all the way back in 2010… omg #tbt), or only binged the series recently, hopefully you’re ready for the adventures to … Read More

Build a Sandcastle, Get Recommended The Sandcastle Empire!


Look, you already know which book you’re gonna get so you might as well play. ⬇️ About The Sandcastle Empire Before the war, Eden’s life was easy. Then the revolution happened, and everything changed. Now a powerful group called the Wolfpack … Read More

Spend A Night At The House Of Furies

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Looking to book your next vacation? We have the perfect destination for you–as long as you don’t mind a few supernatural creatures. Let’s see if you dare enter the HOUSE OF FURIES! HOUSE OF FURIES is the start of an … Read More

Would You Survive Meeting Your Favorite Queen’s Thief Character?

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It’s no secret that the world of the Queen’s Thief is a dangerous one. Inside tensions and outside forces place the residents of the kingdoms of the Little Peninsula under constant threat. Political games are played, secret identities are made, and … Read More

Live Happily Ever After With These Hunted Bookstagrams

Book Nerds Unite

#ColorBlockYA – Tag a friend in the color block that you think best matches their aesthetic! This photo is part 6/9, see our feed for the others! —– Featuring #Hunted by Meagan Spooner – on sale March 14th! ———————– #epicreads … Read More

June 2017 Book Haul!


‘Tis time for another Book Haul with Margot from Team Epic Reads! This month Margot read (and got) a LOT of new books! Check out what she read, what books she’s anticipating, and what she’s going to read next month! … Read More

YA Books That Will Hook You In 20 Pages Or Less

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Lately we’ve been really into YA books that hook us from the very first line. Whether we are laughing, crying, or laugh-crying, books that hook us from the get-go have our hearts and all our attention. Since there truly is … Read More

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