Proper Book Borrowing Etiquette

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If you’ve ever lent out a book, chances are, it didn’t go smoothly. And by “didn’t go smoothly,” we mean you may or may not have ended a friendship and started a lifelong rivalry over it. For us book nerds, book borrowing etiquette … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Dropping Your Book in Water

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That time when CPR was a matter of life or wet pages. It is a  beautiful summer day. You’re on the beach with you best friends, laying out, wearing your limited edition swim suit getting the most killer tan of … Read More

This Week in YA News: August 12, 2016

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of what’s new in the YA world! Let’s get it rolling. How Excited Are We About This Anthology?? SO. EXCITED. East and South Asian mythology and fairytales re-imagined through short stories?! Yes, yes. Among this … Read More

Reading Decathlon Challenge: Read 10 Books in 10 Days!

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Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to get through those books that have been sitting in your TBR pile while you’ve been at the beach this season! Are you ready to read 10 books in 10 days? … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Book Tan Lines

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You’ve found a lovely spot on the warm sand. You’ve got a great book, a pool to your left and the ocean to your right. What could possibly go wrong? You fall asleep, using the book to shield your eyes … Read More

The Book Nerd’s Guide to Chicago

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Come on babe, why don’t we read the town. Ahhh, Chicago. Home of Barack Obama, deep dish pizza, Divergent, McDonalds, and the Twinkie. We are so excited to introduce you to chi-town (and all that jazz.) Below you will find an … Read More

Reasons Why Gossip Girl Fans Will Obsess Over The Thousandth Floor

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You know you love Gossip Girl. We feel the same way. Now we need to let you in on why you’re going to flip for The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee, the new YA novel that’s like Gossip Girl set 100 … Read More

Watch Our August Book Haul!

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Sun’s out, books out. While there weren’t too many new books last month, we did still find time to read a little while catching some Pokémon. What book are you most excited to read this fall? See what Margot read … Read More

YA Authors We Desperately Need Another Book From

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We all know the feeling of finding a new favorite author. First, it starts with one book and then another and repeat until …wait a second, what do you mean I’ve already read all their books??? And HOW LONG do … Read More

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Favorite Book

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You’re stranded on a desert island for who knows how long. You can only have one book with you to read over and over again until the day (maybe never) that you’re rescued. Do you know which book you’d have? … Read More

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