Read an Exclusive Interview With the Queens of Three Dark Crowns

Epic Reads Exclusives, Three Dark Crowns Series

If you thought the cliffhanger at the end of THREE DARK CROWNS was tough, imagine how the three sisters must have felt. Luckily for us (but maybe not for one or two of them…?), ONE DARK THRONE is FINALLY HERE and we can bask in … Read More

Top Ten Endpapers in YA


We’re back with our second “Top Ten” list in honor of TOP TEN by Katie Cotugno! TOP TEN is the adorable novel that counts down the ten most significant moments in Ryan and Gabby’s friendship, jumping back and forth over the past four years … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Leaving Your Book at the Coffee Shop

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

There are infinite things that we love about books, but somewhere high on that list is how easy they are to bring with us wherever we go! So imagine the pure betrayal when we forget our beloved books behind 😭 Obviously … Read More

Can You Guess the Book Based on a TL;DR Description?

Epic Reads Exclusives

Sometimes you run into the problem of explaining a book to a friend FOR AGES. How else are you going to explain all the character arcs, intricate plot lines, and foreshadowing hints?! And don’t even get us started on theories of what will … Read More

The 12 Most Exciting Books Coming in Fall 2017

Featured, Lists!, What We're Reading

There are so many amazing books coming out in the next few months, we decided to take it upon ourselves to prioritize TBRs a little bit. We scoured the internet, searched book stores everywhere, and came up with the 12 … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of Speak Easy, Speak Love

Sneak Peeks

Please file “an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing set against the glitzy backdrop of 1920s Prohibition” under “books we didn’t know we needed but now have no idea how we lived without.” AKA, you need to read SPEAK EASY, SPEAK LOVE. … Read More

Get an Exclusive Bonus Chapter from The Thousandth Floor!

Epic Reads Exclusives

If you aren’t already subscribed to theSkimm, which gives you pretty much everything you need to know about news and politics in a bite-sized email, then you missed a major treat! On Friday, theSkimm revealed an exclusive, bonus chapter from THE … Read More

Adopt a Dragon, Get a Dragon Book Recommendation!

Fun Stuff, Quizzes

We love them. You love them. There’s no denying that everyone loves a good dragon. And whether you like them cuddly or fierce, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a fantasy world with dragons has the potential to be infinite amounts of awesome. There … Read More

Calling My Name: Behind the Cover Design

Cover Design

If you loved EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING and BROWN GIRL DREAMING, then you have to read CALLING MY NAME, a beautiful novel by debut author Liara Tamani.  Taja is an African American teenage girl living in a conservative household in Texas. Her mom expects her … Read More

Red Queen #4 Title Reveal

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, SCARLET GUARD! Are you ready for news on Red Queen #4? We finally have a title for the final novel!! Yes, that’s right, we said final aka the conclusion to the Red Queen series. *commence … Read More

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