Read the First 4 Chapters of Hooper

Sneak Peeks

We’re gonna be straight up—things have been crazy lately, and everyone needs something to keep them sane. What’s your go-to hobby? Ours is reading, or sometimes TV when we can’t seem to focus. For Adam, the main character in HOOPER, it’s basketball. … Read More

We Know Which Three Dark Crowns Gift You Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

Fun Stuff, Three Dark Crowns Series

Ever wondered which gift YOU would be born with on Fennbirn island? We’ve got some enlightening Three Dark Crowns inspired horoscopes to help give you some insight. Read on to find out what your magical gift in the series would be!   … Read More

Read the First 3 Chapters of The Case For Jamie

Sneak Peeks

Prepare yourselves, Sherlock fans! We have a sneak peek inside THE CASE FOR JAMIE, the third book in the Charlotte Holmes quartet by Brittany Cavallaro—and trust us when we say this series just keeps getting better and better!! In THE … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Fall 2018 YA Cover Reveals

Cover Design, Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured

We know we’re still in the throes of winter over here, but while we bundle up from the millionth cold front this season, we thought, hey, why not look ahead? And it couldn’t have come at a better time! We … Read More

Watch Our February Book Haul!


It’s a new year, a new month—and a new member of Team Epic Reads taking on the mantle of the Epic Book Haul! Since our girl Margot stepped away to focus on her own writing and channel, we were so excited … Read More

The Restore Me Trailer is Finally Here, and You Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Featured, Shatter Me Series, Sneak Peeks, Videos

It’s a great day to be a SHATTER ME series fan, and if you haven’t checked out these books yet, you’ll definitely want to join in on the fun after watching the trailer for RESTORE ME (no spoilers, we promise)! Reminder: … Read More

Which Simonverse Character Should Be Your Bae?


Book baes are better than real baes—fact. Becky Albertalli writes majorly swoonworthy romances—also fact. So there’s no bad time to combine the two! Whether you fell in love with SIMON VS., or only discovered Becky with the release of UPSIDE, we have no doubt that … Read More

12 Obscure Awards That YA Characters Actually Deserve to Win


We know another year of *Book Shimmies* has already come and gone, but we can’t get all the awards we missed out on out of our minds. Sure, it’s easy to decide what wins Best of Shelf or Maniacal Laughter, but YA stories … Read More

Win Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Book Nook!

Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured, Fun Stuff

Is your favorite place to read your room? If so, we’ve got exciting news!  We partnered with Dormify—the one-stop shop for making your dorm or apartment the most stylish it has ever looked—to bring you an epic giveaway of everything … Read More

Plan the Perfect Galentine’s Day and We’ll Reveal Your YA Galentine!

Pop Culture, Quizzes

How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day? If you’ve never heard of it, this amazing day comes to us from the genius mind of Parks and Rec‘s Leslie Knope, who dedicated the day before Valentine’s Day to her closest friends. Because that’s like, one of … Read More

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