Make Your Day Better By Exploring Your Favorite Worlds in These Novellas


You know the feeling. We ALL know the feeling. The feeling of falling in love with a new series—equal parts pure joy at finding characters that immediately feel like old friends, angst over needing to find out every single detail that’s ever … Read More

The What If It’s Us Cover Dropped and Twitter Pretty Much Lost Its Mind

Book Nerds Unite, Cover Design, Featured

Hey there, book nerds. We’re not sure if you heard, but Becky Albertalli (the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji), and Adam Silvera (whose books have a habit of wrecking us emotionally like no other) are writing a book together! … Read More

31 Beach Reads You Should Kick Back With On Your Spring Break


Spring break is coming!!! And okay, so maybe you’re not exactly hitting the beach. Life isn’t always the way cliché TV shows and books make it seem! But these books are so cute, romantic, adventurous, and addictive, they can take you anywhere. … Read More

We Can’t Stop Watching the Chilling Trailer for The Darkest Minds Movie

YA Movie & TV News

If you’re a YA veteran like we are, you might remember a time when THE DARKEST MINDS was all people could talk about. It took the creepiest elements of dystopia and combined it with epic superpowers, but really focused on the characters—and … Read More

Read the First 2 Chapters of Beyond a Darkened Shore

Sneak Peeks

Are you ready, fantasy lovers?! We’ve got your first look at a book we literally stayed up all night reading in one sitting. It was so action packed, swoony, intense—and now we’re so excited to share your first look at … Read More

The Love, Simon Movie Soundtrack is Perfect and You Need to Have it On Repeat

Pop Culture, YA Movie & TV News

Do you ever find yourself watching a movie where you think, “WOW I need to look up this song later because I freaking love it”? This happened most recently while we were watching LOVE, SIMON, which by the way is absolutely amazing, … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Not Enough Room on the Bookshelf

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

One of life’s greatest joys is partaking in a particularly amazing book haul. Another one of life’s joys? Reorganizing our bookshelf, duh! But have you ever tried to reorganize post-book haul… only to find that you suddenly don’t have enough … Read More

10 Heartbreaking Books That Will Ruin You—In the Best Possible Way


Sometimes there’s really nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned sobfest. And by good, we mean a soul-crushing, devastatingly heartbreaking story that maybe has a glimmer of hope at the end, but either way it’s all worth it! These books … Read More

We’re All In This Together: Arden Rose on Marching for Your Rights

Author Guest Posts

by Arden Rose   Let’s go back to the magical year of 2015. Life used to feel so manageable, didn’t it? a time in which Trump wasn’t president, Russia wasn’t actively turning the US into a war zone of fake … Read More

14 YA Books to Try If You Love Love, Simon


So, you’ve just seen Love, Simon, and you’re walking out of the theater, face still wet with tears, wondering “What am I supposed to do with my life now?” Well, we’re here to help you through this tough time. The … Read More

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