Read the First 2 Chapters of The Gallery of Unfinished Girls

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If you’ve ever tried to write or draw or paint, odds are you’ve been struck by the dreaded creativity block. In Lauren Karcz’s magical YA debut novel, THE GALLERY OF UNFINISHED GIRLS, main character Mercedes Moreno is dealing with her inability to … Read More

15 YA Authors You Need To Follow On Instagram

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We love YA authors so following them on Instagram is a no-brainer. If you’re a bookworm, you probably already know about hashtags like #bookstagram and #currentlyreading, but if you’re not already following these 15 YA authors, do it now. Check … Read More

Postcards From Your Favorite YA Characters

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Picture this: Maven, suitcase packed, one of his bathing suits stuck in the zipper. Okay, so maybe our YA favs don’t get to go on vacation too much, but it can be fun to think about what they get up … Read More

Watch Regan’s I See London Inspired Clothing Haul

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Regan just combined our two favorite things… books and clothing…. CLOTHING AND BOOKS! We are so excited to share Regan’s video, inspired by I See London, I See France! In this video you’ll get all the details on the Epic Reads/ … Read More

How Do You Make Room In Your Budget For Books?

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Budgeting is hard. Budgeting to fit in every single new book of the season is even harder. RIGHT?! Who’s with me?! I mean seriously, there’s gotta be an app for this. But alas, I make it work. Whether I am … Read More

10 YA Books That Will Make You LOL

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I think it’s safe to say that when you spend a majority of your time reading YA novels, you also spend a majority of your time crying your heart/eyes/mind out.  Like, idk about you guys, but I’ve definitely cried myself … Read More

What’s Your Three Dark Crowns Familiar?


We are *still* obsessing over Three Dark Crowns in anticipated of the sequel, One Dark Throne. So obviously we needed to make another quiz. Hidden away on Fennbirn Island, naturalist members of this witchy society get the ultimate friend in … Read More

5 Ways Reading YA Prepares You For Adulthood

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Everyone can benefit from reading YA novels, regardless of age. Despite what you may have heard, YA fiction is not all fluff, clichés, and love triangles. The genre tackles unwieldy and … Read More

Read the First 4 Chapters of This Is How It Happened

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Okay, consider this your warning: this book will give you so many emotions. The newest YA novel from Paula Stokes, THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED, is about a girl who wakes up in the hospital after an accident only to find out that her … Read More

176 Thoughts I Had While Reading Tiny Pretty Things

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Whuddup, book nerds? It’s Tyler from Team Epic Reads, back with another live read! I finally dipped my toes into the contemporary waters and after a super close Twitter poll, settled down to read TINY PRETTY THINGS! This book’s been on my … Read More

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