Are These the Titles of Video Games or YA Books?

Video games aren’t what they used to be. Honestly, if you told us ten years ago that we’d be wandering across worlds, plugged into games where the story was even more important than the action, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. We were all about that senseless virtual action. And now we’re emotionally invested in more than a few. But that got us thinking.

Ever since WARCROSS (AKA, our new Target pick) came out, we’ve been noticing the similarities between video games and the high stakes action of some of our fave books. So how well do we really know them? Could we tell them apart, just from their titles?

It was harder than we thought, especially when we mixed them all together. if you think you can fare better than us, scroll down and find out!


Are These Titles of Video Games or YA Books?


How well did you do? Let us know in the comments!

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