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Epic Firsts: Defiance

This is our second guest post from DEFIANCE author C.J. Redwine! Earlier this week she shared with us a few of her epic firsts (read all about them here) and today she’s talking with us about her character’s first betrayal. Want more Epic Firsts? Explore all the books, play with the new Facebook app and more here.

By C.J. Redwine

Rachel, the main character in Defiance, was raised by her father and her surrogate grandfather, Oliver. Her mother died soon after she was born, but she never felt the lack. Her father loved her deeply, and when his courier duties took him away to another city-state, Oliver stepped in with lemon cake and broad shoulders to take his place. So, when her father doesn’t return from a courier mission and the terrible day arrives when he’s declared dead, Rachel attends the reading of his will fully expecting to hear that her protectorship (a form of guardianship unique to the city-state where she lives) has been transferred to Oliver.

DefianceInstead, she learns that her father left her under the care of his nineteen-year-old apprentice, Logan McEntire.

This feels like a slap in the face to Rachel. Not only does she have to adjust to living under the same roof with a boy (Hello, Awkward, how you doing?), but this is the boy she declared her love for two years ago only to have him turn her down flat.

That takes awkward to a whole new level.

Now, she’s expected to obey Logan’s rules, sit across from him at the dinner table, and somehow swallow the humiliation of remembering every time she sees him, that he didn’t want her heart.

It’s hard for her to understand why her father would choose Logan over Oliver. It doesn’t make sense to Logan, either. He has no idea what to do with a girl. Especially when that girl is Rachel. Suddenly, his house is too small and too messy, and there are too many opportunities to run into the girl who once said she loved him but now seems determined to ignore him.

Both characters feel betrayed by her father’s choice, but as they’ll come to see throughout the trilogy, her father had good reasons for doing this. Sometimes what feels like betrayal at first is actually the ultimate act of love.