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We’ve been #blessed with countless amazing young adult fantasy books. From rebellions to revolutions, corrupt kings to bitter queens, we feel more prepared than ever before to take on a hypothetical monarchy with or without supernatural powers at our disposal. But as ready as we are, as many books as we’ve read, we know there are a million others that we’re just waiting to dive into! And you don’t realize how many you haven’t read until you take a step back and consider them all 😅

How many of these YA fantasy books have you read? If you’re on the underachieving side, don’t sweat it—just consider this list full of books to add to your bookshelf next! And if you’ve read them all, well, then congratulations are in order. Scroll down and test your shelf!


How Many of These Young Adult Fantasy Books Have You Read?


Which tropes are your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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