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You are reading the new thriller, Blackbird by Anna Carey, and you find yourself wondering why she chose to use second person narration. You are about to find out her top 5 reasons why.

You are thinking of writing a book in second person, but you’re not sure how you can pull it off so you decide not try it (see what we did there?). Luckily for you, Anna Carey, author of the new thriller BLACKBIRD wasn’t afraid to take the plunge into writing in second person. Here are the top 5 reasons why she decided to take the risk…


5 Reasons Why I Wrote in Second Person

By Anna Carey


1. Because writing a character with no memory required a different perspective.

There’s no well of experience to draw from, no family history or siblings to help illuminate who Sunny is. When I initially wrote the first pages of Blackbird it was in first person, but Sunny felt like a cipher. It wasn’t until I tried second person that the story felt more immediate, and Sunny felt more relatable.


2. Because it made sense for the story.

There’s so much action in the book. Blackbird has a Choose Your Own Adventure likequality to it. People are trying to kill Sunny, and all of her choices feel weighty. Writing in second person helped the action feel more exciting. I love that the reader is the one in danger.


3. Because it was an adventure.

Each page felt like a new, fun way to explore this perspective. I enjoyed every aspect of the writing process.


4. Because it felt like a new approach to writing a thriller.

I’ve read literary fiction that plays with the second person perspective, but I haven’t read much commercial fiction that uses it (with the exception of the Choose Your Own Adventure books of my childhood). I liked that I was trying something new with this book.


5. Because I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.

I like doing things that scare me and bring me out of my comfort zone. This book was definitely a challenge.



What are your thoughts on second person narration?Do you love it or hate it?