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Whether it was American Horror Story or Glee, Nip/Tuck or Scream Queens, odds are you’ve probably at least heard of some Ryan Murphy shows. It’s practically a TV empire. His credits also include such hits as American Crime Story, Feud, and The New Normal, and it was just announced that his new Netflix series would star Ben Platt, and maybe even Barbra Streisand. Ryan’s known for twisting plots, mouthy characters, and extremely aesthetic sets, and we have to say, if any of his shows were a YA book, we’d read them in a heartbeat.

That said, Ryan has a style that we’ve noticed across his shows. A handful of actors have appeared on multiple projects, and his sets range from grandious and luxirous to decrepit and creepy. Sometimes even in the same show.

But if you were collarborating on a project with Ryan Murphy, what decisions would you make? Put on your most Coven-approved outfit, because it’s time to get creative!


Assemble a series inspired by Ryan Murphy shows and we’ll reveal what YA plot twist will happen in your life!


Plot-twisty books featured include:


What plot twist will throw a wrench into your life? Let us know in the comments!

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