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Epic Firsts: Breathe

This week we’re reading chatting about BREATHE by Sarah Crossan – part of our Epic Firsts Facebook app – and we’ve invited Sarah to write us a few guests posts. This first is all about her book firsts such as the first book to make her cry or the first book that made her fall in love with language. Read on to find out more about all her book firsts!


The first book that made me cry was Paul Zindel’s The Pigman, which was a text set at school.

The Pigman

The first book I bought using my own money was Paul Zindel’s Pardon Me, You’re Stepping on My Eyeball! This was the beginning of a lifetime’s egregious spending.

The first book I hid from my parents was Flowers in the Attic, by Virginia Andrews. I couldn’t even finish it, though, because it gave me nightmares. One word: tacky.

The first book that made me fall in love with language was Orlando, by Virginia Woolf, which I read when I was seventeen. I have been obsessed with this book ever since, and last year I bought a really special edition as a treat for getting published.

The first writing retreat I went on was in Montauk, New York. I didn’t blow-dry my hair for a month and it felt great!

My first book signing was at BEA in New York this summer, where I met a host of fabulous people.



My first pet was a cocker spaniel called Dusty. He was the sweetest animal I’ve ever known. No pet has been able to take his place. This picture was taken in County Donegal in Ireland where I spent every summer of my childhood. (Since then, I have learned to sit like a lady!)

My first haircut was when I was a year old. I found this nasty remnant of that auspicious occasion in a box when my mum moved house recently.

First Holy Communion was when I was eight years old. I know it looks like a wedding dress, but that’s the tradition. In this picture you can also see my granny, my mother, and two of my brothers. Yes, it was the 80’s. How can you tell?

The first ski trip I ever took was to Park City, Utah, in 2007. I fell in love with the sport . . . until someone hit me in 2011 and I broke my tailbone. Ouch! Haven’t been able to enjoy it as much since then.

The first time I saw a dolphin in the wild was last year, when I took an overnight boat trip in New Zealand. I also saw penguins and seals. Very cool.

The first time I had to admit to having seen all the Twilight movies was when I took a trip to the west coast in 2010. This was also the place that gave me the idea for Breathe as it was in Washington State that I noticed the copious logging going on and wondered what the world would be like without any trees.

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