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If you’re like us, your favorite season has little to do with the temperature outside or your Starbucks order. It’s all about the books, and everyone knows that fall is probably, maybe, definitely the best time for new books. And even… a September book haul.

And so, Margot is back for another Epic Book Haul!! Check out what she’s been reading, the books crossed off her TBR, and everything coming up that’s caught her eye. Then get ready to immediately head to the bookstore and get as many of them as you can, because, well, that’s what we did. So sit back, embrace your inner book nerd, and enjoy!

Watch Our September Book Haul!

And here’s a list of the most anticipated YA books coming out this month!

What Margot read this month featured in this #BookHaul:

What books did you read last month? What’s on your list for September? Tell us in the comments below!