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Series recap for EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton

The end is here for the EVERNEATH series by Brodi Ashton and if you’re about to read Evertrue, the final book in the trilogy, here’s a quick refresher on what happened in the first two books.

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read if you haven’t read Everneath or Everbound!




Nikki Beckett: The high school student who vanishes one spring to an underworld known as the Everneath. When she returns to the Surface, it is for six months, to say her goodbyes to her family, friends, and most importantly, Jack, the boyfriend she left behind. But Nikki does not give up without a fight, and she works to uncover the truth about the Everneath, and save those she loves.


Jack Caputo: Nikki’s boyfriend who she leaves behind to follow Cole to the Everneath. Strong, handsome, totally swoon-worthy, he completely falls apart when she leaves but never stops searching for the girl he loves. When she returns, he will do everything in his power not to lose her again.


Cole Stockton: Smoldering good looks, total bad boy, and the lead singer in a hauntingly good band—need we say more? Cole is an Everliving, an immortal, who entices Nikki to the Everneath in the first place, but follows her when she returns to the mortal world. Cole wants to take over the Everneath’s throne and is convinced Nikki is the key to making it happen. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back and make her Queen. Cole’s own story, from his perspective, is told in the original digital-only novella, Neverfall.


Will Caputo: Jack’s older brother, a war veteran who returns home after being wounded. He starts drinking heavily and Jack often takes care of him, but when Jack disappears, he cleans up his act immediately. Always there for Nikki, he has faith in her relationship with Jack, knows all about the Everneath, and helps them every chance he can.


Maxwell: Second guitarist for the Dead Elvises and fellow Everliving. Max accompanies Nikki and Cole to the Everneath, when they return for Jack, because Cole tends to make “galactically stupid decisions” about Nikki and needs his bandmate to keep him in line.


Ashe: The “oldest Everliving” Cole knows, and an ally for Nikki, Cole and Max as they search for Jack. His name reflects his appearance, as every part of him is gray and resembles smoke. Cole refers to him as a friend that owes him a favor, a story that Nikki discovers as they venture into the Maze.





Nikki returns to life on the surface and sees Jack for the first time.

“Jack. The boy who had gotten me through hell…Here he was, my reason for Returning, but any words I used to know got stuck in my throat. I wanted to run toward him and away from him at the same time. Instead I froze.” 


Cole tries to convince Nikki to return to the Everneath with him.

“Before I could stop him, he grabbed behind my head, pulled me toward him, and kissed me. For a moment, I didn’t fight it. For a moment, I let him steal the deepest layers of my pain. Desperation replaced reason in my head.”


Jack confronts Nikki about her “I remember” note.

“’Say something, Becks. Say anything.’

‘You,’ I said. “‘I remember you.’ I kept my eyes shut, and felt his hands drop. He didn’t move back.

‘What do you remember about me?’ There was strong emotion behind his voice. Something he fought to control.

With my eyes closed, I could easily picture the other side of the century.

‘I remember the way your hand could cover my entire shoulder. The way your lower lip stuck out when you were working out a problem in your head. And how you flick your ring finger with your thumb when you get impatient.’

I opened my eyes, and the words no longer got stuck in my throat on their way out.”


Nikki feeds off Jack for the first time, as she tries to tell him the truth about her disappearance.

“He looked at the floor. ‘What are you, Nikki?’

Nikki? He hadn’t called me that for so long. ‘I don’t know.’ I winced. Being truthful with Jack wasn’t working. I could feel it in the space between us. I was losing him.

Still looking down, he said, ‘I think you should go now.’

Jack was scared of me.

I walked over to the window and climbed out.”


Jack leaves Nikki in order to save her from the Tunnels.

“But I couldn’t break from his strong grasp. I twisted and thrashed but that only made Jack hold on tighter. He closed his eyes and said, ‘Stay with me, Becks. Dream of me. I am ever yours.’






Nikki is confronted about Jack’s disappearance by Mrs. Caputo. Suddenly, a familiar face appears.

“I will find your son. As soon as I find Cole. The moment I thought the words, a strange feeling came over me. It was unsettling, like a pull at my back. A warning, almost. I crept farther behind the tree as Mrs. Caputo’s car passed by and suddenly, from behind me, two hands grasped my shoulders.”


Despite Cole’s warnings, Nikki sneaks to the Shop-n-Go and returns to the Everneath, unsupervised.

“And before I could think about failing, I placed Cole’s hair on my tongue and swallowed. Hard. As the floor turned to liquid and covered me in a clear, slimy film, I heard shouting. Probably from Ezra. It sounded as if he was screaming through water.

It was too late. I was going to the Everneath.”


Nikki, Cole, and Max return to the Everneath. To discover Nikki’s tether, they ask her to call on memories of Jack.

“The dam burst, and everything I’d been holding in, all my feelings about Jack that I’d been scared to remember, exploded out.”


The group encounters the Queen of the Everneath for the first time.

“Stepping out of the maze in high-heeled black boots and glowing white robes was a woman with fire-red hair, pale white skin, and dark, ruby lips.”


Jack escapes the Everneath and returns to be with Nikki. Once they are reunited, Cole reappears to break the news to Nikki that she is now an Everliving.

“I felt. Nothing. I felt nothing.

Where my heart should be, there was nothing. Blinking rapidly, my eyes darted around the room as if I’d misplaced something.” 



What are your favorite moments from the EVERNEATH series?