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The conclusion to Jodi Meadows’ INCARNATE trilogy arrives on shelves this week and before you dive into it, refresh yourself on what happened in Incarnate and Asunder. If you haven’t read the first two books, consider this your official SPOILER ALERT warning!



Top 5 moments from the first two books

1.)     Sam Stands Up For Ana (beginning of Incarnate)

2.)     Ana Enters the temple for the first time, dragons attack, Templedark (end of Incarnate)

3.)     Sam tells Ana he loves her; she’s been struggling throughout to figure out if Newsouls can love and be loved (beginning of Asunder)3

4.)     Ana discovers that Janan is eating the other Newsouls to prepare for his Ascension.

5.)     Cris sacrifices himself in the temple and becomes sylph. Ana knows how to communicate with them.


A recap of the INCARNATE trilogy by Jodi Meadows via @EpicReads


A quick “where we left off in Asunder” recap

––>     Sam and Ana travel to Menehem’s workshop to look into his research, how he created Templedark, and how it’s related to sylph. Ana learns to appease the sylph through music. Heart turns on her because they think she can control them.

––>     Ana works to protect the Newsouls.

––>     Deborl, Merton, Wend and others trap Ana in the temple. Cris and Stef are already in the temple. Ana discovers the secret behind Janan and reincarnation. Cris sacrifices himself and turns into sylph to save Ana and Stef.

––>     Janan planning to ascend on Soul Night. Once he’s immortal, no need to reincarnate anyone anymore.

––>     Everyone chose to be reincarnated, knew the consequences.

––>     Ana is exiled from Heart and Sam decides he will leave with her.