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Series Recap: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

The end is here for the *epic* Snow Like Ashes series by Sara Raasch! Frost Like Night is the third and final book in this epic, YA high fantasy saga and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy on September 20th! But until then, refresh your memory of what happened in the first two books with this series recap!

*******SPOILER ALERT!*******


Here’s what went down in SNOW LIKE ASHES: The kingdom of Winter was attacked by the kingdom of Spring and their conduit, a locket, was broken in two and lost. Our heroine Meira is hiding out with the other Winterian refugees, including her best friend (and maybe more) Mather, the future king of Winter. Meira wants to go on a quest to find the locket, but Sir (her sort of father figure and leader of the refugees) doesn’t want her to fight. But basically she’s bad ass, and goes off on the quest anyway.

Meira defending herself to Sir with Mather standing by:


When Meira is on her quest she is tracked by some Spring soldiers—and to escape, her group has to seek refuge in Cordell, one of the Rhythm Kingdoms. Turns out, Mather and Sir have arranged a marriage between her and Prince Theron of Cordell—without asking Meira.

Meet Theron:


Meira is pissed about the arrangement, and Mather isn’t really happy about it either (because they obv love each other), but they need it to secure an alliance between Winter and Cordell. King Noam of Cordell isn’t so nice and attempts to hand over the Winterians to King Angra (the evil Spring King) for a reward. After Meira finds out and exposes him, they discover that King Angra has already launched an attack on Cordell. In the fight, Meira is captured and Sir is killed by Spring soldiers.

So Meira is like:


While Meira is in captivity in Spring, she starts having visions and learns about the scary magic called the Decay that came to be when so many people used the conduits for evil. It turns out that King Angra has been using the Decay all along, but it also just so happens that in her visions Meira finds out SHE is actually the Queen of Winter and has magic powers of her own. She basically IS a conduit. *mic drop* She frees the Winterians and they defeat the Spring King. Oh and by the way, Sir was actually healed by Meira’s magic. He’s totally still alive. The Winterians travel home to their kingdom to rebuild and celebrate.

And now Meira is all like:


And Then In ICE LIKE FIRE…..

Here’s what went down in ICE LIKE FIRE: Cordell comes to Winter to help rebuild the kingdom, but really King Noam wants to call the shots and get access to the Chasm of Magic. When they find the chasm they discover they need 3 keys—which are scattered across the kingdoms—to open it. Meira sees the dangers of the chasm and wants to keep it closed. She also wants more allies for Winter so she sets off to the other kingdoms to find some—as well as the keys. Meanwhile, Theron is searching for allies of his own because he wants to open the chasm and give magic to all people so that they can stand against threats like Angra (the evil Spring King, remember him?). Both are on the hunt for the keys, but for different reasons. Meanwhile, Mather, sad and left behind, begins to train a small group of Winterian warriors called the Children of the Thaw to rebel against Cordell. And so the awkward triangle between the three continues…

Meira and Theron ready for their quests:


Meira and Theron head to the Kingdom of Summer to continue their search, but King Simon only wants to buy slaves from Winter and doesn’t care about anything else. Ceridwen, the princess of Summer, has been secretly trying to free Summer’s slaves, and she and Meira realize that they should be besties and help each other’s causes. Ceridwen helps Meira find one of the keys that is hidden in the Summer kingdom just before Theron can find it. HINT: Ceridwen is super important in FROST LIKE NIGHT!

Here are Ceridwen and Meira becoming BFFs:


Next, Meira, Mather, Ceridwen, and King Simon head to Yakim (another one of the Rhythm Kingdoms). With the help of Ceridwen and a librarian named Rares, Meira finds the second key. (Hint: Rares is super important!) Each time Meira touches one of the keys she has a vision. This time she sees her mother and finds out that she died on purpose to save Winter. Meira begins to believe that the only way to destroy all magic is to destroy all the conduits—including herself. Meanwhile, back in Winter, Mather’s mother is killed during the Cordellan takeover. Mather and the Children of the Thaw escape to find Meira.

Meira is having a vision like:


They head to Ventralli (another Rhythm Kingdom) where shit hits the fan. Meira doesn’t find the third key, but she does find a tapestry that depicts a mountain in the elusive Kingdom of Paisly. Meira also discovers that Ceridwen and Jesse, the King of Ventralli, are in love and that Raelyn, the Queen of Ventralli, is not happy about it. While they’re sorting out their love triangle, King Simon is collecting more slaves—when Ceridwen finds out, she’s pissed! She convinces Meira to join her as she confronts her brother, intending to kill him, but Raelyn shows up and beats her to it, using the magic of the Decay to break his neck – ouch. A battle ensues. Ceridwen is captured. Mather and the Thaw FINALLY show up, help Meira fight, and tell her what went down back home in Winter.

Meira being awesome casually fighting with her chakram:


Meira and team go to confront Queen Raelyn back at the castle and to their surprise Noam (the king of Cordell) is there to stop Theron’s mission to unite the kingdoms. In anger, Theron kills his father with Meira’s chakram and he starts to go a little cray. Turns out he’s been under the influence of the Decay this whole time! He orders all the Winterians to the dungeons. Remember that librarian Rares? Told you he was important. He is actually from the isolated and mysterious Kingdom of Paisly and helps Meira escape so that she can go there to learn more about magic. (Hint: you finally learn all about Paisly in Frost Like Night!).


NOW WE NEED FROST LIKE NIGHT! There are so many questions…. What are the people of Paisly hiding up in those mountains? *gasp* Does this mean Theron is evil now?Will Mather and the Thaw win the battle in Ventralli? Will Mather and Meira finally get to be together??? Will Meira find a way to unlock the Chasm of Magic? Will Meira have to sacrifice herself in order to save the world?!?! (Please say no!!!)


Frost Like Night is out September 20th! Are you anxiously waiting for its arrival? Tell us why you are excited for Frost Like Night in the comments below!