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Snow Like Ashes Seasons Guide: Kingdom of Cordell

We’re celebrating Sara Raasch’s new book, ICE LIKE FIRE, by exploring the kingdoms of the series across the land of Primoria. Today’s stop is the Rhythm Kingdom of Cordell (home to the handsome Prince Theron)!

Welcome to Cordell, the kingdom of opportunity! Cordell has a history of making deals with other kingdoms that benefit Cordell while giving as little as possible to the other kingdoms. King Noam married a woman from Ventralli, but she died . . . rather suddenly. Noam’s sister married the king of Autumn two years ago, and it was her marriage to the Autumn king that bore his female-blooded kingdom a daughter. Noam tried handing over the Winterians to Spring to protect his own kingdom, but that backfired. Now he’s being oddly cooperative in helping Winter rebuild . . . rumor has it he wants access to the section of the Klaryns that might hold the lost chasm of magic.


Quick Stats

Conduit: a dagger with a purple jewel on the hilt

Heir: Male

Known for: Opportunity

Capital: Bithai

Notable citizens: King Noam, Prince Theron


Views of the Kingdom

Lush fields

As you approach the kingdom of Cordell, the grass turns to a vibrant green that will make your eyes hurt. Hills roll around the kingdom, gentle and sloping with perfectly placed maple trees just starting to turn orange and gold. You pass a farm and are engulfed by a flowery, airy scent—lavender, one of Cordell’s most popular and pricey exports.

Lavender field

The city of Bithai sweeps over a wide plateau surrounded by about twenty different minifarms, all abuzz with midmorning activity. The closer you get, the denser the houses, the people, until you reach a cobblestone road that connects to a drawbridge and the gated city.

Buildings with glowing lavender fields

As soon as you pass under the gate, the city explodes in a ruckus of merchants shouting, carriage wheels clanking down roads, and donkeys braying into the morning wind. Buildings line up in perfect symmetry along gray cobblestone streets, the avenues folding and bending in precise angles through the city. Each structure, whether house or store or inn, is a mix of gray stones stacked beneath curved, brown-tiled roofs. Everything is clean and deliberate—fountains and vines decorating random corners like the entire city is supposed to be part of the palace grounds.

City on a hillside

Another gate cuts off the main palace grounds from the entry road. This gate is gold, towering at least three times taller than the average person, and covered in climbing, green metal vines. Scarlet metal roses bloom along the vines, azure birds perch on metal limbs. A pair of looming maple trees sits, one on each side of the gate. Entirely golden, their leaves clink in the wind with a pretty melody.

Lavender in palace courtyard

The palace is made of the same gray stone as the rest of Bithai. This building dwarfs all the others, though, gleaming with four stories of glittering windows, ivory balconies, and thick velvet curtains. Inside everything is plush and elegant, with dark wood paneling on the walls and lush carpets.

Grand room inside palace



Cordellans typically have golden brown hair and brown eyes. Their skin is lighter, though not nearly as pale as Winterians.



The uniforms of Cordellan soldiers are hunter green with gold accents, while servants wear simple shirts, pants, or dresses made of hunter green cloth.

Formal ball attire for Cordellans consists of hunter green and gold-trimmed uniforms for men and gowns in reds, blues, or purple jewel tones for women.

Red ball gown



Honey ham, lavender tarts, liquor, and coffee are often served at Cordellan celebrations.


When soldiers return to the palace, they stand in front of the gate and two gold trees, drop into waist-bows, and linger for a moment, reciting the Poem of Bithai.


Golden Leaves!

By Cordell’s golden leaves!

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