While we wait for the next STAR WARS movie—both anthology- and saga-wise—we don’t have much to do but, you know, keep reading more books to distract us from the wait. But we can also theorize, and talk about our faves, and come up with crazy hypotheticals that would totally happen if we were character in the Star Wars canon. But in discussing, we realized very quickly that not everyone has the same Star Wars opinions. Of course, this seemed like the best springing off place to settle things by the miracle of book recs!

With rebels, empires, and adventure in the face of cruelty, this space opera epic have countless motifs in common with our favorite novels. Let’s see which world you should fall into next! Tell us your many Star Wars opinions and we’ll recommend the perfect book!


Tell Us Your Star Wars Opinions and We’ll Recommend the Perfect Book!


What book did you get? Let us know in the comments below!

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