Author Guest Posts

This week we’re bidding adieu to the historical zombie series SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY and today we have a goodbye letter from the author, Susan Dennard, to her heroine, Eleanor Fitt. (Get the complete series recap here!)


Dear Eleanor:

You’ve been through so much. Beauty, danger, death, and beyond—you’ve seen it all. Felt it all. Come through it all.

Can you believe that when this started, you still thought obedience to your mother was what mattered most? Can you believe that you listened to what people like Allison Wilcox said about you—and you actually sought their validation?

As Oliver would put it: Blessed Eternity, El, you’ve come a long way.

And as Daniel would put it: You’ve got the grit of a true Empress.

I’m proud of how far you’ve come since that morning at the Exhibition train station, El. And I’m proud of how much I’ve grown along with you. We do always have a choice, and I hope that forever after, you’ll follow what makes your heart sing.

Then again, I know you will. You were always fiercer and braver than I—it’s what I loved most about sharing this journey with you.

Now, just because things seem to have settled down for the moment, don’t you ever, EVER forget the most important lesson of all: to always aim for the knees.


Lots of love to you and the Spirit-Hunters,