57 YA Books You Need to Read Based On Your Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

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Can you guys believe that we’re almost 20 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?! It feels like we were just meeting Iron Man for the first time yesterday, and now we get to see pretty much every character (is Hawkeye still on his farm?) … Read More

The Official List of Harper’s Summer 2018 YA Cover Reveals

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Is it too early for us to start getting excited about summer? We mean, we know it kind of JUST ended, but there are so many amazing books coming out NEXT summer that we can’t help it! But, fine, we … Read More

Can’t Sleep? We Have the Perfect Book for You

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We know you know #thestruggle. Those nights when you toss and turn in bed, pulling the blankets on and throwing them off, just not able to fall asleep. It’s basically a nightmare that you can experience while being totally, 100% awake. Luckily, now … Read More

Read The First Two Chapters Of Dreamfall

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This brand new psychological thriller from Amy Plum toes the line between being-as Beyoncé would say-a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare. Dreamfall is coming. *dun dun dunnn* In this YA novel of a sleep study gone way wrong, seven … Read More

Tips and Tricks for Surviving in a Modern World

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Welcome to the twenty-first century, it’s been waiting for you. In the After the End duology by Amy Plum, Juneau discovered that WWIII never actually happened- that everything she had been taught to believe was a lie. After living isolated … Read More

Paris Lights Sightseeing with Amy Plum

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It has begun. Our official journey into our holiday author takeover here at Epic Reads. Throughout the week on this Pitch Dark and Story Crush blogs you will be bombarded with stories of holiday cheer, holiday horror, survival tips and New … Read More

And the DIE FOR ME novella will be….

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Last week Amy Plum invited you all to come and decide which novella in her DIE FOR ME series she will publish this spring and the votes are in. Here’s a recap of Amy’s blog post where she announced the … Read More

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