Blogger Reviews: ARCLIGHT


Something creepy this way comes, and its Josin L. McQuein’s debut ARCLIGHT – a book that (no lie) totally made us sleep with the lights on. See what our reviewers thought (heads up…they’re digging it too!).   1. Christal @ … Read More

Reading Playlist: ARCLIGHT

Reading Playlists

No one survives the Fade. They have taken everything, destroyed everything. The only safe place left is within the wall of light called the Arclight. After reading this description, what songs would you put on a playlist to reflect ARCLIGHT … Read More

How Do You Annotate Your Books?

Book Nerds Unite

So you are reading a book and all of a sudden you read a quote or passage that just speaks to you. How do you call it out? Today, we are opening the debate on how book nerds go about … Read More

The Latest Cover Reveals

Cover Reveals

It’s been a busy week here at Epic Reads. We did our #ARCparty on Wednesday, met Sarah Crossan last night and today we’re rounding up all of the recent cover reveals – because there are have SO many! Let’s jump … Read More

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