Build a Romantic Comedy and Get a Book Rec!


Romance is #HARD! That doesn’t mean it can’t be funny though. Romantic comedies are a staple in books, movies, and TV shows, after all! And lately, we’ve been seeing the world through heart-eyed rose-tinted glasses with recent movie releases like To All … Read More

10 YA Books About Siblings That’ll Make You Want to Hug Yours


Sibling relationships can be . . . complicated. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you can only put up with them for twenty minutes before having to leave the room. But, at the end of the day, you’ll always be there … Read More

17 Super Relatable YA Books to Read Before College


The summer before college is full of some of our absolute favorite things – lots of graduation parties, the opportunity to plan out & decorate the dorm room set up of your dreams – (complete with a reading nook, of … Read More

This YA Pancake Art of What If It’s Us Has Us Ready to Devour the Book

Fun Stuff

Did you know that pancake art was a thing?! The internet is truly a GLORIOUS place. Dancakes is the first name in professional pancake art and they have created the first-ever YA pancake art and let’s just say that it is literally everything we … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Buying an Imperfect Book


Never expect your trip to the book store to be a quick thing! We have had many attempts foiled by our sheer indecision in picking out a book—WHEN WE ALREADY KNEW WHAT BOOK WE WERE GOING TO GET. And no, … Read More

How Would You Rank These Non-Canon Ships?

Fun Stuff, Lists!

Sometimes you can’t help but get invested for that ship that doesn’t exactly set sail on the page. Whether it’s their chemistry, a particular scene that pit them together, or an undeniable spark in their verbal (or sometimes… literal) warfare, sometimes it … Read More

12 Quotes for Pride Month From Young Adult Books

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Young adult books are some of the best out there (or possibly the best, but hey, we might be a little biased) when it comes to representing identities and encouraging readers to be proud of who they are. We know there’s … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Uninvited Book Recommendations

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

It is a book nerd’s duty to recommend the best books to all those around them—whether or not they actually asked… right?! Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. And we are firm believers that a good book recommendation will brighten … Read More

Love the Bod You’re In: 9 Body Positive Books Recommended by Julie Murphy

Author Guest Posts, Lists!

Today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate some awesome books that remind us you don’t have to be a certain size or shape to be the hero, win the battle, or get the love interest of your dreams. That’s right, … Read More

11 YA Books to Spark All of Your Senior Year Feels


With prom season in full swing and graduation a minute away, we’re taking a moment to embrace all the various feels of senior year. It’s a bittersweet mix of excitement and celebration mixed with goodbyes and (let’s be honest) worries … Read More

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