30 Life Changing Books That Will Change Your View of the World

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These YA books are so profound and so moving that they literally changed the way we look at the world. With the help of our community on Twitter and YouTube, we pulled together thirty of the most popular life changing … Read More

18 YA Books Featuring Car Crashes

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Strap yourself in, because we’re about to give you a crash course in YA traffic accidents. While reading FALLING INTO PLACE, the upcoming debut novel by teen author Amy Zhang, it occurred to us that car crashes are a common … Read More

30 Contemporary YA Romance Reads

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The perfect reading list for any day you want to fall in love with a romantic YA story. We asked our fandom what they recommend to readers looking for realistic, contemporary romances, and these are the thirty most frequently mentioned ones! … Read More

Join the BEFORE I FALL Read-A-Thon

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This month, our book club is reading and discussing BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver. While we hope that newbies to the book will pick up a copy sometime this month, we’re hosting a week long read-a-thon (or re-read-a-thon for … Read More

May Book Club: BEFORE I FALL

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This month the Epic Reads Book Club is reading BEFORE I FALL, Lauren Oliver’s riveting debut novel about a teenage girl who must relive the day of her death over and over again, until she finally discovers why she has … Read More

Seven Things We Learned About Life From Samantha Kingston’s Death

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In our world, February 12th is just two days before Valentine’s Day so we’re either excited to go out on a date soon or bummed that we’ll be seeing the new Nicholas Sparks movie with our roommate. In the world … Read More

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