Book Nerd Problems: When Sand Gets Everywhere

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It’s summer now so you know what that means…. BEACH READS!…….. And also sand. Sand in every crack and crevice of your book. I will be scrubbing these pages for the rest of the season!!!!! What a cruel and strange … Read More

That Time You Took The Fandom Too Far

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Is there really any thing like a good fandom? The answer is no…. obviously not. I mean FANDOMS ARE MY LIFE? Whether it’s Red Queen, Divergent,A Court Of Thorns and Roses, or pretty much any other YA fandom, I am … Read More

Sharing Is Caring– Book Nerd Edition

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I just want friends who will share their books with me. Is that too much to ask? I mean honesty! SHARING IS CARING people! Next time you wonder if you should spread the book love with a bestie, just know … Read More

When The Wrong Book Nerd Has The Right Name


Pretty much our lives just went from 😍🤤 to 😑😭. WHY! Let me set the scene for you. Have you ever thought “Omg I think I just found a cute – oh wait… nope. Nevermind.” Well. We certainly have. Take a look … Read More

An Open Letter To The Book Thief Who Stole My Books

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Dear Book Thief Who Borrowed My Book Without Asking, (You know who you are)  Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seriously,  this is against all book nerd bestie rules. I put my book down, blinked, and then it … Read More

That Time You Bought The Foreign Edition

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Picture this: you walk into a book store. You’re THRILLED because today is the day you get to buy that book you’ve been saving up for. You take a hard left into the YA section (duh). When you’re done smelling … Read More

The Attack Of The Due Dates

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So guys.. i’m confused. I feel like I JUST took out these books from the library and now they are ALL DUE. Like RIGHT NOW. I am legit 8 books behind my Goodreads goal so chances that I’ve read all … Read More

That Feeling When A Good Book Ends

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As they say “all good things come to an end.” But this ending was BRUTAL. It was SO sudden and so abrupt! I mean seriously guys no warning signs or anything. It was like I just turned the page and … Read More

That Time You Found Your Book Nerd Bestie

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Okay good news book nerds- You are DEFINITELY favored by the book Gods. Want know why? Because you just met your one and only book nerd bestie. At first I’m sure you questioned if you could ever find someone that would … Read More

That Time Your Cat Guilted You Out Of Reading

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Remember that time when you were all 📚🤓 but your cat was all 😿💭🍲and then you were like☝️so your cat was like 😾 and then you were all like 😁😁😁😁 we just wanted to get some reading done today and ok we obviously know … Read More

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