That Time Your Cat Guilted You Out Of Reading

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Remember that time when you were all 📚🤓 but your cat was all 😿💭🍲and then you were like☝️so your cat was like 😾 and then you were all like 😁😁😁😁 we just wanted to get some reading done today and ok we obviously know … Read More

Never Paint Your Nails Around Your Books

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Ok let’s cut to the chase, book nerds. Painting your nails while reading is practically mission impossible. Picture this: you are sitting down with a lovely book and realize “WOW that cover design is off the chain!”  You are extra … Read More

Reading Your Book on Vacation is Actually Really Hard

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A vacation isn’t really a vacation without a good book, is it? It’s like, no matter what we’re doing while on vacation we would most definitely #ratherbereading. This is one of the most serious book nerd problems we have ever had … Read More

It’s Hard Out There For a Fangirl

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I’ve got 99 problems and being professional while still being a fangirl is one. Seriously, being a book nerd can be so hard sometimes. I mean, how do you NOT bring your limited edition Divergent lunchbox briefcase to work with … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Dropping Your Book in Water

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That time when CPR was a matter of life or wet pages. It is a  beautiful summer day. You’re on the beach with you best friends, laying out, wearing your limited edition swim suit getting the most killer tan of … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Book Tan Lines

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You’ve found a lovely spot on the warm sand. You’ve got a great book, a pool to your left and the ocean to your right. What could possibly go wrong? You fall asleep, using the book to shield your eyes … Read More

That Time You Accidentally Met Your Fave Author

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Picture this: you see your favorite author is doing an event where you’ll FINALLY get to meet the person that basically changed your book nerd life. You’re going to be calm, cool, collected. Maybe they’ll be even so impressed by … Read More

Paper Cuts Are The Absolute Worst

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Who would have thought that a cut so small could hurt so much. But seriously though, why do paper cuts sting like you just got sliced by the world’s tiniest knife? Or right, because that’s what a paper cut is. … Read More

We’re All Gonna Be Broke AF On May 3rd Because 30 Books Go On Sale

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That soft whimpering sound you hear is your bank account weeping. Whoever decided it would be funny to watch our bank accounts shrivel up and die on May 3 should be forced to enter the 76th Hunger Games. They say … Read More

That Time You Totally Confused Book Titles

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Was it The Shadow Queen or Queen of Shadows? Of course we book nerds know the difference between these two book titles, but what about the average citizen? Picture this: you’re home sick and can’t make it to the bookstore … Read More

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