Book Nerd Problems: Protecting Your Signed Copy


Possibly the only thing more valuable than a book is a book signed by our favorite author. And when we are graced with the chance for that to actually become reality, we have to do everything we possibly can to protect … Read More

8 Books to Read After Watching Solo: A Star Wars Story

Lists!, Pop Culture

A long time ago This very weekend in a galaxy far, far away on the planet we live on, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY blasted off into theaters. SOLO promises to be another thrilling, action-packed space extravaganza, cementing Star Wars as one of … Read More

Can You Identify If This Quote Is From Divergent or Carve the Mark?


Did you LOVE the DIVERGENT series? Of course you did. Did you adore both CARVE THE MARK and THE FATES DIVIDE? Shout out to our main man Akos. Do you think you know everything there is to know about Veronica Roth‘s entire collected works? … Read More

14 Comforting Mental Health Quotes to Get You Through the Day

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It’s a crazy world we live in. Between the day-to-day stress, social anxieties, and the overwhelming feeling that comes from being bombarded with world news all the time, it’s no wonder that things can get a little tough. But we find … Read More

12 Breathtaking First Lines in Young Adult Books

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You know that feeling you get when you open a book and, from the very first line, you just know that it’s going to blow your freaking mind? We do. Whether it was the because of some shocking early reveal, … Read More

20 Young Adult Fantasy Worlds We Want to See Collide

Fun Stuff, Lists!

Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been binging so many incredible books lately. Or maybe it’s the sheer imaginative force that these authors bring to the fantasy worlds they create. Or maybe we just have the epic STORMCASTER reunions and INFINITY WAR on … Read More

Will You Love or Hate the Next Book You Read? Let the Fates Decide!


THE FATES DIVIDE by Veronica Roth is finally here, and to say we are obsessed with this amazing sequel to CARVE THE MARK is an understatement. The new POVs? Enlightening and add so freaking much to the story. The romance?! You already … Read More

Book Nerd Problems: Knowing More Than the Bookstore Employee

Book Nerds Unite, Videos

It’s just a fact of book nerd life that we probably know more about our favorite books than eeeeveryone around us. And yes, this probably means the bookstore employees at our local fave. We’re sorry to say it, because we … Read More

Read an Exclusive Excerpt of The Fates Divide!

Sneak Peeks

Thank the fates, because we’re less than a week away from the release of Veronica Roth’s next book—THE FATES DIVIDE!! It’s the conclusion to CARVE THE MARK and we are so freaking ready to have all of our burning questions at … Read More

Epic Reads Bookmojis Have Officially Launched!

Book Nerds Unite, Epic Reads Exclusives, Featured, Fun Stuff

Hold on to your shelves, cause we’ve got seriously EPIC news for book nerds everywhere. We just launched an Epic Read Emoji Keyboard (😱!!!!) It’s called BOOKMOJI and it includes a selection of YA emojis, GIFs, and stickers for us book nerds … Read More

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