Exclusive Short Story from The Cage

Epic Reads Exclusives

  An exclusive short story set in the world of the YA scifi novel, The Cage by Megan Shephard. All the books in THE CAGE series are told from a variety of perspectives: Cora, our main protagonist, but also from Lucky, … Read More

Everything You Forgot About The Cage

Series Recaps

We know the struggle – your brand new, shiny copy of The Hunt is within your grasp, and you want to just start reading, but you just can’t quite remember where we left our characters at the end of The … Read More

Top 10 Places To Be Trapped

Author Guest Posts, Lists!

These are real world places, you guys, no HOGWARTS. Megan Shepherd’s latest book, THE CAGE, follows six teenagers who are abducted by an all-powerful species called the Kindred and placed into a “human zoo” for observation purposes. Their enclosure has … Read More

Megan Shepherd’s Favorite Fairy Tale Retellings

Author Guest Posts

Finishing up our fairy tale week is Megan Shepherd, author of the Madman’s Daughter series and The Cage, sharing her favorite fairy tale retellings! In honor of the release of A WICKED THING by Rhiannon Thomas, we’ve asked a few … Read More

BookShelfies with Megan Shepherd

Author Guest Posts

What does Megan Shepherd’s bookshelf look like? Well, you’re about to find out! This is our thing where we’re asking YA authors to take a selfie in front of their bookshelf, hence, a bookshelfie! Keep scrolling to see the pics … Read More

Supporting Characters Who Steal The Show

Author Guest Posts

Daryl Dixon, Arya Stark, Cinna –– who are your favorite fictional side characters? Megan Shepherd, author of The Madman’s Daughter and Her Dark Curiosity explores this concept in this guest blog post!     Supporting Characters Who Steal The Show … Read More

Songs in the Mood for Madness: A Reading Playlist

Reading Playlists

Happy Friday readers! To kick off the weekend, we have a special blog post from Megan Shepherd, author of the upcoming THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER – a gothic suspense trilogy inspired by H. G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, on … Read More

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