10 YA Humans That are Almost Human


Imagine a world where humans are *almost* human. Your best friend? Her mind is actually a database filled with every fact you’ll ever need to know. Basically, you’re never studying for a test again . Your Boyfriend? He’s as fast … Read More

Join The REBOOT Re-Read-A-Thon!

What We're Reading

Because reading a book once just isn’t enough. Join us this week for a spontaneous re-read-a-thon of REBOOT by Amy Tintera –– just in time for the release of the sequel, REBEL (it goes on sale May 13th!)     … Read More

Cover Reveal: REBEL by Amy Tintera

Cover Design

Let cover reveal season begin! Kicking things off this week, we have the cover for REBEL – the sequel to Reboot by Amy Tintera! But before we can show you the cover, here’s a message from Amy Tintera:   Hi … Read More

10 So You Think You Can Dance Routines Paired With YA Books

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff, Lists!

We finally figured out a way to combine our two loves: dancing + reading. With help from our community members, we were able to put together this list of routines from So You Think You Can Dance that perfectly match … Read More

A Collection Of Beautifully Animated YA Book Covers

Book Nerds Unite, Fun Stuff, Lists!

We love a beautifully designed YA book cover and when you add a little animation -POOF- you have discovered our newest favorite thing. The Epic Reads designers have been hard at work making a lot of these GIF covers, so … Read More

YA Books for Gamers

Curated Reading Lists

So what if you would rather spend your time playing a video game than reading? (Don’t worry, we’re not judging you. . . too much.) Whether you’re more into MMOGs, first-person shooter, survival horror, RPGs or whatever else, you may … Read More

10 Reasons Why Texas Would Survive The Apocalypse

Author Guest Posts, Lists!

While Dan Wells, author of Paritals, thinks every city in America is doomed, Amy Tintera, author of Reboot, thinks the Lone Star State would survive apocalyptic doom.   10 Reasons Why Texas Would Survive The Apocalypse By Amy Tintera When … Read More

Like, Try, Why #23

Like, Try, Why

In this week’s Like, Try, Why, we recommend books for fans of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride, The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher!   ABOUT LIKE TRY WHY THE PROBLEM: You just finished … Read More

REBOOT Fast Facts

What We're Reading

In the world of Amy Tintera’s Reboot, a strange virus has swept across humanity. Once exposed to KDH, some people “Reboot” when they die—and come back faster, stronger, and less emotional than mere humans. But who’s who in this dystopian … Read More

The Under-Sixties

Author Guest Posts

This post is brought to us by Amy Tintera, author of REBOOT! In the Reboot world, numbers are very important. The longer a Reboot is dead, the stronger they are. A high number means you’re awesome but without much emotion, … Read More


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